Monday 30 January 2017

The Street Where You Live!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven. Today I'm over at Calico Craft Parts with a Victorian Box evoking a special street. Please hop across if you can and take a peek.

Thank you for stopping by and may your week be a peaceful and a productive one.

Monday 16 January 2017

Encourage Your Hopes!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven! How often do we hear the phrase 'Fairy-tale Romance', or the comment 'She led a fairy-tale existence'. Fairy-tales have come to be associated with impossibly perfect lives in which problems are magically solved almost before they arise. We talk about a 'charmed existence' and 'happily every after'.

 That's not how I see fairy-tales at all. I've always found that authentic fairy-tales are about tough quests and struggles, symbolic of our human pursuit for happiness and meaning. Voices from long ago whisper to us about our relationship to the natural world and animals; the importance of courage and acts of kindness; loss of innocence and treachery; jealousy and cruelty where we least expect it and the hope of redemption and reconciliation. My project over at Calico Craft Parts today is inspired by fairy-tales: it is about the start of a personal quest as well as a homage to folklore and it's a reminder to me not to lose hope. Please check out how I made my arched ATB at the Calico Craft Parts Blog here.

In 2017 I am starting a quest. I have had brief attempts at this in the past, but now - rather late, I know - I want to explore my family history properly and not to be too easily discouraged. I'm apprehensive about what I will find along the way and I know that what unfolds will be no fairy-tale in the idealised sense! I suppose, like many fairy-tale characters, I am searching for buried treasure. If I could be granted one wish it would be to discover images of my father or members of his family. I don't know if I will encounter a good fairy or fairies along the path who make this magic happen, or if I will discover that I don't actually need this but some completely different treasure. Whatever happens I want to hold onto hope - my special word for 2017. Do you have a quest? Whatever your plans or dreams I hope they yield fruit for you and that all your creative endeavours bring you joy!

Monday 2 January 2017

Happy 2017!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven! Warmest wishes to my followers and friends. I do hope your Christmas was a Happy and Peaceful time and that 2017 will be a fulfilling and a creative year. Have you made any resolutions for 2917? I don't often make New Year Resolutions, but this year I am resolving to blog more and to set myself some new creative challenges. I don't even know what form they're going to take yet - I'll just have to see what comes my way and listen out for the muse whispering in my ear along the way!

Meanwhile, I'm over at Calico Craft Parts today, just looking back briefly, with a round-up of my favourite makes for 2016, so if you have a moment, please pop across and take a peek. If you haven't done so already, do look back over the beautiful projects from my team-mates too. They are so inspiring! I never cease to wonder at their imagination and invention and the beauty and versatility of Calico Craft Parts: Calico really do give us a wonderful opportunity to spread our creative wings!

May you step into this New Year with Hope in your heart and the Muse at your side! Love and Good Wishes for 2017 and many, many thanks for your support throughout 2016!