Monday, 23 September 2013

Time to Play!

Hello Magpie visitors old and new! The title of this post is a little misleading! I didn't really have time to play today - I just grabbed some crafty time when I should have been doing other things! Two things 'made me do it'! First of all it's my son's birthday tomorrow and I wanted to make him something special and secondly I had all the beautiful new 'toys' I had bought at Ally Pally yesterday: I just had to try some of them out! What better than to create a tag with many layers? I covered the table with all my new treasures and I had intended using all of them, but that was sadly not possible! There are, after all, only so many hours in a day and only so much room on a tag! Anyway, here is what I created! It is the result of play with toys old and new and I should like to enter it for the Country View Crafts Challenge - Layers. First I made a tag from corrugated card, ripping away the top layer in places and highlighting the different texture with Treasure Gold.
I was in such a hurry to complete this by tomorrow that I didn't take pictures as I added my layers, so sorry: I always seem to be saying that! I will try to do better! Here are some details.
At Ally Pally yesterday I was tempted by some beautiful, little resin birds on the Paper Artsy stand. I had spent so much money that I decided against those; but today I made a little shrink plastic bird from a Tim Holtz die-cut and painted it with Treasure Gold. I was so impressed by the wonderful flowers on the Paper Artsy samples, created by Lin Brown, I think, that I decided to create some flowers myself. I used some old wrapping paper that has designs from an illuminated manuscript on it. I made lots of flowers from the Crunchy Wax paper I bought and rubbed them with Treasure Gold. What great paper it is, so mouldable and effective for flower petals! It was fun mixing and matching different layers to make flowers!
Here is one of the Prima embellishments with a dangling blue bead. I couldn't wait to use these. I painted the circle at the top with Treasure Gold and added a resin rose also given the Treasure Gold treatment. Underneath you can just see one of the Bo Bunny brads I bought. I used the same colour scheme with my Crackle on this frame for my tag.

I had been wanting the Paper Artsy die that makes hinges and a lock for ages so I incorporated this!
I placed one of my flowers at the centre of the padlock, which I cut from corrugated card, to create the impression of a shield coming to life!
This flower was created using the wrapping paper, some copy paper scrumpled, painted and highlighted in Treasure Gold and a little of the wax paper with TG. I fixed it onto an oval of Beach Hut Crackle Glazed and then painted with French Roast: I reversed the usual idea of a dark layer under a light and I was quite pleased with the effect. The border is  Treasure Gold.

The background script is a beautiful new Mini I bought from Paper Artsy with Gothic script on it! Now I will have to love and leave all my blog friends and visitors to catch up on everything I should have done today! Once again it was lovely meeting my new friends yesterday. I do  hope we shall meet again, and that at some point I will meet some more of the lovely crafting friends I've made, but have yet to meet in person.


  1. Gorgeous, Julie Ann!! Those resin birds were so cute, that some flew into MY basket, lol! This is incredible, loads to look at and certainly loads of layers!

  2. beautiful Julie Ann - what a scrumptious colour scheme

  3. Wonderful use of all your new toys :)
    Von ☺

  4. This is fab, love how you have used the Treasure Gold and the Crackly Paper. It's so funny you wanted to use all your new goodies in one go! I will make sure we meet again, don't you worry (or maybe you will, lol!),

    Lucy x

  5. WOW, WOW, WOW From me.....Hugs May x x x

  6. Ooooo lovely colours great new products x

  7. Wow wow wow absolutely gorgeous stunning special tag. I love all the textures you used, and the flowers are beautiful. He will love it. Lots of hugs Kezzy :-) xxxxxx

  8. Wow Kid!! Not only is this unusual and creative but it is also gorgeous. I will have to study it more - lots more!!

  9. Well Miss Julie Ann WOW is the word for the day I see, this is a STUNNING tag, soooo freaking creative, love the colors, the texture, layering, those flowers gorgeous, your own bird is better than any you could buy, oh man you can make anything, so proud of you Missy, I know your son will love this in all it's golden glory. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day...

  10. It is a huge WOW from me too, that is completely gorgeous.

  11. Your art is wonderful Julie Ann! Glad that you found a little time to play.
    It was lovely to finally meet you last weekend.
    Alison xxx

  12. Lovely, lovely project with bags of details to pour over! Thank you for joining in with the September Country View Crafts challenge - we really appreciate it!


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