Wednesday 23 October 2013

WOYWW! A Massive Sprinkling of Fairy Dust!

Hello and welcome to a Magpies' Nest where the occupants can hardly contain their wing flapping! It's dark and a howling wind outside with rain lashing at the Magpie windows, but I'm off to coffee with my dear Aunty Rene later this morning to celebrate her birthday and I'm as happy as Larry whoever he might be! I'll try to visit as many deskers as possible later on today. Here is Rene's present all ready and wrapped - oh, but hold on a minute - you might wonder what all the commotion is about and why I'm showing you a wrapped present on top of a heavily disguised washing machine! It's all in aid of WOYWW where our lovely Hostess, Julia brings us together to share our desks across the world. Please click Here if you would like to find out more! So here is my present to Rene sprinkled liberally with Fairy Dust and residing on top of my washing machine which sometimes serves as my work desk - not that I'll have that much time to craft today! Ah, now that makes sense!
Now as well as the sparkle on the present, the Fairies have been filling the Magpies' nest with all kinds of joy! First my mum has a moving date - Monday 28th October! Our son battled with depression and acute anxiety and got himself to his first interview in two years yesterday! He looked amazing in his suit and the whole thing passed off without a single hitch! He even coped with taking a wrong turning on the way; a real problem for an Aspergers sufferer, as many of you will know! I am so proud of him. He should know if he got the job, working in a library, by the end of the week. Even if he doesn't I am so proud of him for the way he has refused to let his diagnosis or his depression crush his spirit, though there have been some tough days!
I've really gone to town, pouring as much love as I can into the packaging of this gift. My daughter works part-time in a perfume shop, so inside is Rene's favourite Calvin Klein Eternity! She deserves it for being a brilliant Aunty - eighty-seven and still full of fun and kindness! She has not been just an aunty to us, but also a great friend! You may remember the cards I've made her, featuring our ancestors!
This rosette is created using scraps of Graphic 45 paper, Wax paper and a button from an old pair of trousers transformed by tissue stamped with script and Treasure Golded a la Alison Bomber! 
Do you remember the tag I made Hannah? Here it is!
She loved it and it brought back all those happy Halloween memories I hoped it would! We all chattered away for hours over apple and almond cake reminiscing about those fun-filled childhood days of magic!
Next week is going to be busy with the move, but I'll try to craft between times! I wonder if Kevin might actually come and fit those cupboards or is that too much to ask of Fairy Dust? Have a wonderful WOYWW all of you!


  1. Good luck to your son. I know your are proud of him. I love you package and tag. Happy crafting #4

  2. Hi Julie Ann! How wonderful your gift wrapping looks and I bet your Auntie won't even like to unwrap it lol!! The tag looks beautiful and you made these with so much love and history behind them...this is what creating is about and boy have you done a great job!! I am crossing my fingers for your son.. X, he deserves a chance to move on with his wonder you are so proud of him as he seems to have a good strength of character :-). Good luck with your Mum's move and enjoy your coffee outing!! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #5

  3. I do know how you feel what a bonus, I hope he gets the job. Also hope the move goes well. Love the tag and parcel decorations.

    happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 13

  4. So glad things are looking positive in the nest this week! Love your gift wrap and that flower is stunning. Hope things stay happy. MMx #36

  5. some impressive gift wrapping . eveything looks great . Happy woyww Jill #39

  6. Love the wrap, and flower too Julie Ann. There is only so much Fairy Dust can do.I'm crossing my fingers and toes re cupboards!!
    Judy #21

  7. I'm proud of your son too and I don't know him :-) What an amazing achievement....will be keeping everything crossed for him.
    A x # 62

  8. Such a lovely package and such wonderful tidings =) Fairy dust indeed =)
    Happy WOYWW
    xx Monique #76

  9. Good fairy morning to you my dear Julie Ann yikes how grrreat the fairies came to visit, it's about time... Wonderful news you have the moving date, now the move, wish I could fly over to help but these old wings could never make it that far..I'm over joyed to hear about Issac, a job at the library sounds wonderful and perfect for him. tell tell him I wish him great luck in getting it, if not well he was meant for something else, I'm sure.. Your gift all wrapped up and dusted with fairy dust looks gorgeous, loooove the flower you made. I knew Hannah would love and treasure her gorgeous BD tag. Well my dear cousin I'm wishing you a magical day with all the fairy dust, how could it not..(((( BIG HUGS )))) and lots of love..

  10. I'll be sending lots of positive vibes across the world and hope that your wonderful son gets that job. He sure deserves it. Love the gorgeous wrapping and tag on your aunties present, I'm sure she'll love it too. Have you got your cupboard doors yet?
    Have a great week and good luck to your son.
    Von #63

  11. What a beautiful present, I would have to open it very, very carefully! I love the rosette.
    Congratulations to your son on getting an interview - that is an achievement in itself.
    We are into week two with bareboards ..............
    Bishopsmate '77

  12. Well done to your son, we hope he's succesful. We used to work in the libeary and loved it. Hoping your mum's move goes smoothly. As for your present wrapping skills, wow, the wrapping has become a present in itself, it's beautiful, lucky aunty.

    Bears #79

  13. What a happy week you are having. The wrapping is beautiful. Love the flower with the altered button.

    Hugs Robin 23

  14. I'm so glad to hear about your son's progress. I'm sure you have been there to cheer him on the whole time. Happy birthday to your aunty. I hope I am still fun at 87. LOL Your gift wrapping is gorgeous!
    April #29

  15. What a beautiful, loving wrapped gift. I don't think it would matter what was inside, the outside is a gift in itself. I hope your Aunt has a great birthday.
    Well done to your Son, you must be very proud and I hope your Mum's move goes smoothly.
    Hugs Lisax #56

  16. Wow, the wrapping is a gift all by itself! Just lovely.

    I know what you mean about rooting for our grown sons to be able to manage. It can be tough these days.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #18

  17. Your son is being so courageous! I was listening to Brene Brown talk the other day (TED talks and Oprah) about how true courage is always accompanied by fear at the same time...always! So good for him, he is making progress! Now, on to that gorgeous package--what inspiring wrapping--I am thinking about wrapping my gifts in a whole new way now. It looks special just for her too. Thanks for visiting my dollhouse today. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #35

  18. prayers, support and healing light to all.
    Lovely packaging!
    thanks for visiting
    Robyn 10

  19. Have a lovely day with your Aunt, your wrapping is so pretty!
    So happy that your Mum finally has a moving date and good news for your son too!

  20. What a lovely parcel and applause to your son for stepping out into action. Life is an adventure...let's thrive.Thanks for sharing. Be well Carole #91

  21. Hey Julie-Ann, what a lovely post, the pressie is gorgeously wrapped and it all sounds positive and happy in your house, good news all round. Thanks for visiting earlier and for your lovely comments. You were not one of the WOYWWer's that signed up for my 40for40, but I'd love to send you snail mail, so please email me at clairescraftsATgmxDOTcom, so I can send you a 40for40 - you deserve it for always being so cheery. Love the tag and the rosette is divine. Cx

  22. im so pleased all is going so well and I wish your son all the best and that his efforts pay off ...he deservers it. as for your beautiful pressie and fab embellishments they are stunning.//what wonderful talents you have . lastly what can I say, thank you for your very kind words and =suggestion it brought a smile to my face that you would want to be so kind if you could ... I hope you have a wonderful time with your aunt and have a great and very happy week ahead... big crafty hugs Andrea #31

  23. Beautiful gift, a gorgeous tag, and what a great story about your son. So glad to hear he is doing better, and while I pray he does get the job, even if he doesn't, what a victory for him and you, too!!

    Thank you for stopping by this WOYWW,
    #32 this week
    with happy mail

  24. Totally gorgeous gift wrapping! Best of luck to your son - I have my fingers crossed for him. x Jo

  25. Gorgeous gift wrapping ...I wish your son lots of luck with the interview...he should be so proud of himself.... I know his lovely Mum is!!! Hugs May x x x

  26. I'm sure your aunt will love her gift, so much love has gone into that :-) and I wish your son luck with his interview - daunting for anyone, so hope it turns out well!
    Thanks for stopping by
    Debs #81

  27. Beautiful wrapping! I bet she took it off carefully! Good Luck to your Mum and your son - things are looking up so come on Kevin!! Chrisxx102
    ps posted more journal pages before this if you're interested

  28. So pleased for your son...everything is crossed that the job hunt is successful :-). And the wrapping on your aunts prezzy is so pretty, I hope she has a great birthday!
    Great tag too, love the colours :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  29. Happy WOYWW. So many lovely long comments. Mine will be short, as it is late and my eyes keep closing. Good luck for your son. I always wanted to work in a library. Beautiful wrapping. Ali x #49

  30. What a wonderful week you have had Julie Ann, I am so pleased your son is keeping a positive attitude and putting himself out there. It must be terribly hard and brave for him to do so and I will keep my fingers crossed for him. Great news about your mum too. I'm loving all those wonderful autumn leaves with your tag and look forward to hearing next week about your time with your Aunt and how much she loved your beautiful packaging and present. Have a great week! Danie #25

  31. Such a lovely happy post from you, Julie Ann! It's nice to hear of the blessings you have had with your mother's move and your son's interview! Yippee!! I pray that the move goes smoothly and that your sweet son gets the job ~ and yes, even that Kevin fits the cupboards. My mantra in life (well, one of them, ha) is "it never hurts to ask!" May your blessings continue! Happy WOYWW! Thank you for the visit to me! Hugs, Darnell #12 - oh, shoot, almost forgot to say you did a brilliant job on wrapping Aunty's pressie!!

  32. What a beautifully wrapped present for a much loved aunt. Shows what love you have for her when you spend time like that on gift wrapping.
    I too am proud of your son. That was some achievement. My son was out of work recently for 6 months and it was a trying time for us all. I was worried he might get depressed but he finally got a job, not the best in the world, but employment. Hope your son does not have to go through so many interviews and disappointments. Will put him in my prayers.
    Thanks for visiting me yesterday - sorry I am a bit behind. Hugs, Neet 24 xx

  33. Well done to your son, he deserves the job, I'll pop a pray up to God just for him. Gorgeous present wrap too. Thanks for the visit this week BJ#26

  34. It's so lovely to hear your good news. I really hope that your son gets the job but even if he doesn't, it's a great achievement. Love the care you've put into the wrapping of the gift, it'll almost be a shame to open it! Hugs. Pam#38

  35. Beautiful packaging, Julie Ann - far too pretty to open!! Congratulations to your son doing so well and getting to his interview despite getting a bit lost on the way. You must be so proud of him. I hope he gets the job.

    Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm so glad you enjoyed visiting my blog. Of late it's all been about our new house renovation but hopefully soon, I shall be creating in my new ARThaven and being able to show some art work again! There's still a lot of sorting, box unpacking, decision making as to where everything's going to go, and not least cleaning up after the builders, and I must crack on with that as best I can before I can start doing art with a clear conscience!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #65

  36. Late. It belated good wishes for your makes me proud for you that he's succeeded so far, BIG big UP to him. your gift for aunty R looks great, so much love in the package, how marvellous. she'll love it. meanwhile, I'm I'm loving the disguise of the machine this week.

  37. Beautiful gift wrapping on your package, I hope you had a great time with Aunty Rene and I hope she enjoyed her birthday. Fingers crossed for your son too, hope he gets the job, it will be a big boost for him.

    Brenda 1


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