Sunday, 27 July 2014

Meet the Girls!

Hello and welcome to my much valued followers and crafty friends! A couple of weeks ago I  take my very first online course! I signed up for a six weeks of classes with Mary Jane Chadbourne at the Artful Gathering. I was apprehensive - would it be difficult to learn online; would I feel isolated and uninspired? I need not have worried! The classes have been so much fun. I've learned lots and met some incredibly creative and talented people online. Some names I've recognized from comments on popular blogs and others are fast becoming new, crafty friends. One thing we all seem to have in common is that we are now addicted to creating art dolls: we just can't stop! Here is my first girl, on her way to Venetian Carnival. I am now working on two others!
Mary Jane's videos are superb and she also offers graphics and wooden kits for the dolls. However, living in the UK and joining the course not long before the start, I felt it would be a long wait with postage from the States being what it is! We had the kids' old bunk beds in the loft, so I decided to put them to a crafty use! I've now learned how to use a jig-saw and an electric sander to cut my own shapes! About a year ago I made a memo board from MDF this way, but this has been a real adventure! It would not be fair to give step by steps which are on Mary Jane's videos, but my dear Magpie Cousin, Dianne has asked for some detail shots of my first doll so here goes. Here is her fan,
Here is her face...
A side view...
I used a Wendy Vecchi stamp for her mask and then painted on the rest of the face myself. This course has really inspired me to start painting faces again! Here is the dress in a little more detail...
 Creating this doll has really taken me back to wonderful holidays in the past, dreaming by the canals of Venice and reading Jan Morris' beautiful book about this magical city! Mary Jane is a truly inspirational teacher, so if you have the opportunity, I would strongly recommend taking a course with her! What I have loved is that each doll seems to weave her own story as you make her! I have called this one Perdita because she looks a little lost and dreamy as befits a Venetian! Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you have enjoyed meeting the first of my girls! Have a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing!


  1. Well done for taking the plunge with the on-line classes, your art doll works perfectly xxx

  2. Oh Julie Anne, I can see why you fell in love with these dolls and Perdita just oozes your style. You made me laugh how desperation to start a project can make us hunt through our husbands tools - I have done the same... Looking forward to seeing the next one in your mini series. Beautiful project.
    Julie x

  3. Ohhhh she's fabulous!!! I love dolls and you could make her some awesome friends, taller and shorter!!

  4. What can I say,Julie Ann! You always create the most stunning work but this is a creation on it's own! Absolutely love it,so finely detailed,it must have taken you ages.

    Well done on the online classes,I always wonder what they are like and whether to try one.

    Hope you are having a great weekend

    Donna xx

  5. Julie Ann- she is stunning!
    I know MaryJane well, and so glad you took her class! MJ is a great teacher and so full of inspiration! You have totally made this doll your own and she is fabulous!!

  6. Now, when I see your art doll, I kind of get it! hope you continue to enjoy the course, it does sound interesting. Perdita is gorgeous.

  7. You and art dolls were made for one another dear Julie Ann.
    Perdita is marvelous and you are a master of face painting.
    Thanks to Dianne for getting you to show us the lovely details of your beautiful creation.
    And clever you operating power tools too!

  8. So glad you've been enjoying the classes. I signed up to the Artful Gathering months ago, but when push came to shove, I didn't have any time to sign up for any actual classes, so it'll just have to wait for another year!

    Love your Art Doll - she's quirky and full of glorious detailing - can't wait to see more!
    Alison xx

  9. This is just amazing! I love your perdita! It sounds like a great course. You are so clever,

    Lucy. X

  10. I might never have visited Venice (I was so close but ultimately so far and never did make it to my dreamed of destination) but I adore reading novels set in Venice and I too have read Jan Morris' classic book on Venice.
    You captured the magic and mystery within the form of Perdita. Please, don't wait too long before your next girl is introduced to us.

  11. This is amazing Julie Ann, not least in your using a jig saw to create her lol. I can see the Venician influence, we went there for my 50th and I could have stayed forever - I will definitely have to go back one day xx

  12. What a lovely art doll and lucky you to take a class with Mary Jane, love her work. Can't wait to meet Perdita's sisters!

  13. Hello CUZ, whoot whoot, she is magical, and so beautiful, her face is amazing with her beauty marks and those eyes, I could drown in those, I love all her jewelry, and that fan is superb, love the birds serenading her, all the special details all your own, I could pick your work out anywhere, I have fallen in love with Perdita, can't wait to see her siblings and hear their stories, I'll be on the hunt to find books by Jan Morris, I googled her and can't wait to get her book, you know Venice is my dream city to visit...Thanks so much for posting her and her fabulous details, it made my day, I'm off to water fit, I'll have her dancing in my head, have a wonderful week my dear Friend, (((( HUGE HUGS )))..

  14. She's so beautiful Julie Ann, a work of art! I know how much fun it is to create art dolls, & your Venetian lady is perfect.
    I hope your dream visit will happen one day.
    Alison xxx

  15. So cool, that's a wonderful piece of art.

  16. I love all the lovely details here - even though I had a bad time in Venice I would love to go back now I've recovered!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more art dolls. Hugs, Chrisx

  17. Wow just doesn't explain how much I think this is amazing. WOW she is such a beauty, I love the face and all those gorgeous details. Glad you enjoyed your online workshop, I have just started Life Book 2015 which looks amazing and it's only $75 for 52 weeks of workshop. I got it for Christmas. Kezzy :-) xxx


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