Friday 18 September 2015

Show Your Face on Friday!

Hello and Welcome, Friends and Followers - and Facers, of course! Over the last few days I've been drawing faces in my little ex-library book again and it has been wonderfully therapeutic! I feel so much better than earlier in the week, so art is the best medicine! I should like to link up again to Kim Dellow's 'Show Your Face on Friday' blog. This is such a great place to experiment with drawing faces any way you choose. Please click here to find out more.

I wanted to create a character like a Russian ballerina, as I was a huge ballet fan when I was a little girl - probably due to reading Noel Streatfeild's 'Ballet Shoes' numerous times and wishing that I could be on the stage like one of the Fossil sisters! Although Noel Streatfeild was not the greatest of writers she captured the magic - and also the shabbier side of stage children's lives. The Fossil sisters were always on the edge of poverty and it was their hard work that kept the family going. This portrait could be of Petrova, the one sister who actually didn't choose  a stage career, but dreamed of becoming a pilot - pretty daring for a girl in 1936.  I used a 6B pencil, just a touch of Inktense and very fine liner before covering the portrait with a layer of Pan Pastel in white. I have sprayed her with fixative and put her aside to scan and use in some way on projects in the future.

This second portrait was intended to have the look of an Indian fairy-tale or the '1001 Arabian Nights'.

I scanned her into the computer, reduced the size and found her a home on a little MDF house brooch, one of those I've been playing with on Mary Jane Chadbourne's Tinytopia course. I bought a set of these brooch pins long ago and I had not created anything on which to use them.

Now they have really come into their own. Thank you so much for stopping by today. May you have a happy, healthy and creative weekend.


  1. Definitely Petrova, ready for anything (except dance class) - look at that sleek bob - so stylish. I love the exotic Arabian Nights woman too - and how wonderful that she has become part of some wearable art - a fabulous mobile addition to Tinytopia. I'm so glad that you've felt up to some creating again - and it was lovely to read your comments today too, thank you.

    I was also a Streatfeild worshipper (got to work with her great-nephew who is an actor!), but also Lorna Hill - especially the Sadler's Wells group of books - did those come your way? My copies of both those and the Streatfeilds started to fall apart with re-reading!
    Alison xx

  2. they are both great but I especially love the Indian inspired portrait and it looks so cool on your brooch!

  3. Just fantastic... I love that you make such beautiful things with your fab faces!
    The brooch looks gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the little embellishments on her face.

  5. Such a great thing to do with the face! I love the little brooch.

  6. Oh I just loved how you showed the process...each one was good alone, but what you did to finalize it is perfection.

  7. Your faces are both wonderful Julie Ann! The brooch is a great idea, hope to see you wearing it tomorrow xx

  8. Julie Ann, that is a book, although I know of, I never actually read. Is that criminal of me to state that fact?!!!! One of my wishes is to attend a ballet.
    She is so stylish with her sleek bob and such a strong gaze and your Arabian Tales character, she is brimming over with the exotic. To be able to sketch a face and then transform into wearable art, I would say that is definitely the best medicine.
    Continue to feel better as each day passes. It is never fun to feel poorly.

  9. Cool faces but the broach is Fab!

  10. Your beautiful ballet dancer takes me back to my childhood where I experienced my first live ballet 'la Fille la garde' it changed my perception of ballet for life. The smell of the grease paint and the energy of the dance resonating on the stage just brought it alive in away that watching on TV cannot.

    She has the perfect look of a dancer, beautifully drawn Julie Anne. Your other lady has all the look of mystery and magic. Both fabulous creations hugs Debs xx

  11. A very confident prima ballerina, Julie Anne. Art is indeed a very good medicine :)

    Enjoy the weekend, sweetie.

    Love and hugs

  12. Two lovely creative faces! The brooch lady is so beautiful! And I love the art on text.

  13. These faces are wonderful, Julie Ann.

  14. What another beautiful face to add to your library!I can imagine you as a ballerina, but sure am glad you chose to be an artist!
    Your pin is just darling Julie Ann!
    Jackie xx

  15. Lovely face and beautiful house, what a fantastic idea Julie!! xx

  16. Gorgeous Julie Ann, I adore her and I love your house pin. Love it! Do you ever sell your work? Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face and for the fabulous shout out too. Kx


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