Saturday 16 January 2016

A Mermaid's Eye Doodle - Kim Dellow's Show your Face on Friday, Focus on Eyes

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven! I've been busily working on various projects, too secret to show at the moment or not yet finished! I really wanted to find some time to join in with Kim's 'Show Your Face' blog here, which has inspired me to create all kinds of faces I 
would never have attempted otherwise. All this month she is focusing on eyes and encouraging us to leave our comfort zones and try out new creations that centre on those 'windows of the soul'. Kim herself has created a great Manga style face this week with unmistakable Manga eyes! Please do link up and see her work and that of the other artists and maybe have a go at some eye art of your own! Kim has all the information you need for taking part over at her blog.

 I stayed on the theme of eyes, but instead of creating something for a project, or a finished piece of art, I grabbed my sketch book and just had some fun doodling!
Using pencil, fine liner and Inktense, I just started to doodle a large eye shape - it's A4 size - and let my imagination take me on its own journey - far out to sea, it would seem! This was drawing purely for relaxation. I might use the design on a project in the future, or it might not lead anywhere in particular. It was just a little exploration. I've called my doodle 'The Mermaid's Eye' because I would love to return to this idea and maybe scale it down to become part of a mermaid or siren's face when I have more time.

For this eye I just played with doodled shapes and reflections. I wonder who the owner of this one might be? If I were to come back to it and build a face around it, would it be a goddess or a mysterious Venetian lady regarding the world from behind her elaborate mask? Thank you so much for joining me to take a peek at my eye doodles. In the coming weeks I will have lots more projects to share, I hope. Meanwhile have a great, creative week.


  1. The colours and details are so beautiful - I'm trying to picture these at A4 size - and suspect I would want to dive in to the Mermaid's Eye! The exotic decorative look of the second one certainly feels Venetian or Moroccan - beautiful. My Danish aunt's father was a woodworker and wood-artist before his sight failed, and one piece he made about 35 years ago was a six-foot square wooden panel with eight or nine different eyes positioned on it. The central one was mine (about a foot across), which he spent hours drawing, looking at my eye through a mounted magnifying glass as he did so. I'd never have believed how many colours were in there! So these eyes somehow feel very familiar in a lovely way.
    Alison xx

  2. Love your doodled eyes, great ideas, looks like you had fun! Hugs, Valerie

  3. They are fabulous in every sense of the word. Wonderful! Lx

  4. i really love the eyes you've drawn! they are beautiful. xo

  5. Gorgeous and I love all the yummy detail and can wait to see the secret projects!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. these eyes are just too cool Julie Ann!! I so love all you do with your portraits and face parts just magnificent!
    hugs,Jackie xo

  7. The "eyes" have it, wonderful detail. xox

  8. Fantastic and beautiful eyes!
    Gill x

  9. Transfixed, that is what I am by the sheer detailing you achieved. I can easily see this being part of something larger and the notion that this eye belongs to a mermaid, well I am hooked!
    You truly are an artist.

  10. Oh my! Aye eye to this fabulous art - such detail! Hugs, Chrisx


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