Friday, 5 February 2016

Show Your Face on Friday - Keeping a Journal

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven. Today I'm linking to Kim Dellow's Show Your Face on Friday. We're into February now so the focus is no longer on eyes primarily. This month we are free to link with any face art we like - as long as the face is one drawn by us. There is no compulsion to play along with the themes, of course, it's just a focus and a challenge. There are some really stimulating prompts coming up from talented 'facers' like June Walker, Gibby Frogett and Hazel Agnew Take a look a Kim's blog here if you would like to find out more. Kim has a link to some great face tutorials from herself, Clare Lloyd, Trish Latimer and Tracy Scott so do please check out this week's blog - it's fantastic!
I've been working in a new journal this week in preparation for a course I will begin in March about Art and Story-telling with Robin Laws. As you know, I love stories as much as Art and Crafting so this will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about both. I've altered an old book on perspective and composition. Drawing faces has become very important to me over the last two years, so the faces of characters, human and animal are going to feature in the pages of this journal.
I've used a mix of different media on this first spread: Gesso; PaperArtsy Fresco Paints both opaque and translucent in every shade from Smurf to Granny Smith; Inktense water colour blocks and collage of napkins, paper, book text and tea-bags! Everything stuck onto the spread is either re-cycled or scraps.
 I used mark-making with lids dipped into paint and some stamping as well as brayering - sometimes over scraps of lace. The magpie perched on the lady's finger was drawn on a Shakespeare sonnet and then cut out and added, while the lady listening intently to the story he has to tell was drawn straight onto the background.
That Magpie has quite a few tales to tell so he will be appearing throughout the journal. Here he has led the lady into an enchanted wood where Magpie sisters tell stories in the tree tops! Perhaps they should be named Magpie Sonnet Sisters, as each one wears a coat fashioned from a Shakespeare sonnet!
You might recognise the Magpie Sisters' faces as re-sized and slightly altered faces from my store of face scans.
It's probably not possible to see, but as well as the fragments of Shakespeare's sonnets on the Magpie Sister's coats, I've added some of  the narrative that will thread through this journal! I've often thought there must exist somewhere a wood like this one where all the precious objects and memories we think we lost can be found, nestling among the ferns; hidden under mossy stones or stored away for safe-keeping in a hollow tree stump. I hope your Friday is a really creative one and that the weekend will bring you refreshment and relaxation! Happy February Everyone!


  1. Wow! I just adore! And I love those birds. My goodness you put so much thought and layers of intrigue and art throughout your work. I just love it :) You are a constant inspiration Julie Ann :) Thank you so much for linking up to #ShowYourFaceFriday and for the lovely shout outs about the upcoming prompts and the video too :) Hope you have a lovely weekend Kx

  2. Yes you are a constant source of inspiration Julie Ann. I love the concept behind this and the whole idea of continuing the story through the journal. As a retired Head of English, I love the Sonnet Magpies. So many ideas here! I love your drawings. And I love the idea of keeping a library of your drawings and faces to use over and over again! I think you should sell them in your etsy shop.

  3. What a magical journal spread Julie! Of course, the faces are wonderful along with the atmosphere of these pages-just marvelous!

  4. Amazing artwork with so many fantastic details and beautiful things to see within your wonderful story.. love this!
    Thanks for the mention too ... have a lovely weekend..
    Gill x

  5. You and your art are awe inspiring and I do not say those words lightly.
    You hand me a passport to a magical land whenever I manage to visit your blog, knowing I will be meeting intriguing and slightly quirky personalities along the way.
    Beautiful attention to detail in using the Sonnets.

  6. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! I love your original world!

  7. All the layers make for beautifully textured journal spreads! Love all the faces. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  8. Enchanting pages Julie Ann!! She is beauty and fabulous characters. I love the Magpie Sonnet Sisters I want to listen to the stories of them. xxx

  9. Oh gosh you are so ahead and into this process. It will be marvelous as we keep going. Or should I say really get started. xox

  10. What a fun and delightful spread Julie Ann! I so love the tiny Magpie and I do Love those Sonnet Sisters!! They are just wonderful!
    I am so happy for you and us that you will be taking the storytelling class, as I know wonderful things are to come from it and you!
    Huge hugs my friend, Jackie


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