Monday, 11 April 2016

3 is the Number - Winner!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven! Last Monday you may recall that I celebrated my 3rd Blog Birthday! To thank those followers and friends I've made in Blogland, I offered a prize of a piece of wearable art to the person who had commented on that post and whose name was pulled from the hat! I'm going to try to create a piece of miniature art especially for the Winner, but here are some examples of what I've been creating lately that are, or have been, on sale in my Etsy shop so you have some idea of the kind of thing you might expect. There is a link to my shop on the right hand bar so you can hop along and see what is currently on offer too, if you would like to. I also do commissions, so if there is anything you would like me to try to create just contact me on Etsy and I'll have a go!
It might be a little house brooch with a message just for you...
or a Queen of Hearts...
...or an all-seeing eye...
...or the house that tells the story of your life! The prize will be a brand new piece, made just for you: these are examples only.
Now, to announce the Winner - drum roll while my lovely assistant chooses a name from the hat...
The Winner is...

Corrine Gilman - I will PM you on Facebook and you can send me your address so that I can send your gift when it is finished.
Have a great week everyone, full of sunshine and creativity!


  1. well done Corrine, lucky you!

  2. Congrats Corrine, I am sure that you will be delighted with your gift!

  3. Oh well done Corrine. How lucky you are! Lx

  4. yay! Congrats to Corrine!!
    Julie Ann,I just have to say how absolutely wonderful your post on FB was with the last in the series- just delightful!! You,my dear are such a beautiful creative soul! sending hugs,Jackie xx

  5. Feel so lucky, thanks so much Julie Lee!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations to Corrine!
    Julie Ann, I missed out on your Giveaway and as importantly, your celebrations. Your art brings joy to our lives and in the strangest of ways, it feels as though you have been part of blogland since forever. I think you have been tinkering with time, telling us it has only been 3 short years :)

  7. Congratulations to lucky Corrine! x

  8. I'm so sorry that I missed celebrating your 3rd Blogaversary... it's an absolute joy to have your originality, creativity and story-telling here in Craftyblogland, and I'm delighted to have been along for the journey thus far, and looking forward to many more stories and adventures in the future!
    Alison x


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