Friday 17 June 2016

Showing Some Faces!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven! It's been a long time, but I have made the effort and I'm linking to Kim Dellow's great 'Show Your Face on Friday' blog here. I've been really neglecting my blog of late and missing out on commenting on my friends' and followers beautiful work too! This is partly due to a new Work in Progress:

This was once the Magpie bathroom! If you've been a follower for the last 3 years, you might recall that just after I started blogging, our friend Kevin embarked on a kitchen re-fit for us. In case you're wondering why I've never posted pics of that, it's still not finished! We didn't relish the idea of starting the bathroom before the kitchen was done, but in the end it had to be! We've been spending lots of our time organising where we can take showers - thank goodness for kind friends and family! Our bathroom is in the hands of a different plumber so hopefully we won't be without a shower for 3 years - much as we love Kevin that has been quite a long time to wait for a kitchen! We've been dashing out into the garden for a bit of peace and quiet between the showers (the rainy variety, that is) and I've been keeping the faces very miniature indeed -having the tiniest of spaces now to craft in!

I've been quite productive, making earrings and brooches - which I'm planning to put in my Etsy shop - as well as other mini projects, that I'll be showing here soon, I hope. Maybe it's because even if I enjoyed doing it, housework would be a bit pointless amid all the plaster dust and piles of bathroom clutter! You might notice the tea-cup has some Relics and Artifacts wings - another project I'm working on in my imagination. Watch out for flying tea-cups coming this way!

I've been having so much fun collaging my own art work onto earrings, using my new Dremel like tool to drill tiny holes. I've also created this 'art doll' type brooch, painting a face onto Crackle Glaze for a vintage effect and painting a little pair of charms to add as hands.

Although everything is quite higgledy-piggledy, we have so much to be grateful for! Simon, our bathroom fitter is kind and enthusiastic and we know that some day we'll have a beautiful new bathroom we can relax in - although I can imagine our daughter is going to lock herself in and spend days in there, once we do eventually get the dream bathroom we've all been planning together!

As we step over boxes; desperately search for tooth-brushes, soap, towels and medicines and plan for our next shower, I take a few moments to feel grateful. We have a home that we know will be a haven again very soon - and there's still space to create - just about. There are so many people in this world who have lost everything, even precious loved ones to war or senseless acts of violence. In the light of that, what's a little domestic upheaval? Have a lovely, peaceful week with time to create and to be with those who you love.


  1. My wife and I are in the middle of some house upgrades, and it's a headache. Anyway, I love your new jewelry pieces, especially the art doll brooch. Happy Show Your Face Friday!

  2. Hope the refits are finished soon! The kitchen and bathroom...2 most important rooms in the house! I had the electrician in today!! I love your new pieces..earrings and so on. Have you done bracelets or necklaces? Have a good weekend!

  3. Bravo to you and yours - I am sure it will be wonderful in the end! LOVE the flying teacups, as with all your work! And very impressed what you are doing in the tiniest of spaces! xxx Lynn

  4. Oh! nice to hear to remake your bathroom, hope it will be wonderful. By the way, I can see the MAKITA in lot of the tools lol. The second photo is very surrealism. The yellow rose is enchanting this year isn't it? These accessories fabulous especially the sun of the queen brooch. Love then all!! xxx

  5. Thank you for sharing this really lovely post dear Julie Ann ♥ it touches my heart on many levels.
    I am very grateful for kind and creative people like you who make the world a better place by shining their Light so beautifully.
    You are more than patient I believe still waiting for that kitchen oh my! Here's hoping you'll get to enjoy both a new kitchen AND that new bath too.
    The tiny treasures you are creating are brilliant.

  6. So glad you are posting again but I certainly can understand with all that renovating you have going on. Good to see you are keeping the creative mojo going thru it all. Your pieces are gorgeous and I especially love the heart.

  7. Love your earrings and brooch! So unique!! <3

  8. Exquisite designs Julie Ann! Hope you're bathroom is finished soon! And the kitchen of course! ;-) xxx

  9. Your!!! Predictive text!!! :-)

  10. Domestic upheaval sounds like it's made you think about what's truly important and as long as you can find that soap and toothbrush, you are all set. Gorgeous goodies from your studio table. xox

  11. Letting Kevin loose again! Hope this is a quicker job! Love your brooches! Chrisx

  12. Great brooches, hope the remake goes swiftly.

    Love and hugs

  13. Oh, I do hope you're not waiting three years for your next shower at home... fingers crossed for a speedy turnaround.

    Lovely jewellery creations - I adore the heart face over the crackle.
    Alison x

  14. You are just too cute Julie Ann- I love that higgeldy piggeldy comment!heehee

    Yes, I do feel your pain, the only thing worse then living in remodeling is having to wait forever for the remodeler to finish it!!!(gee, hope you haven't paid him yet!)


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