Monday 26 September 2016

Spool City at Calico Craft Parts

Hello and welcome to Magpieheaven. Today i'm lucky enough to be over at the wonderful Calico Craft Parts, where I've created a little city built on spools! Please do pop across and see if you have a moment!

Here's wishing you a lovely autumn day today, wherever you are.


  1. they look fab, Julie Ann... I'll try and enjoy my day, at work!

  2. So creative and inventive Julie Ann, love them. Great to see you at ally pally the other week xxx

  3. These are gorgeous little ribbon guardians. Lx

  4. Ooh these little people look wonderful. Off to have a look!

    Lucy x

  5. Looks lovely already.
    Headed that way!
    Happy Happy Birthday to you dear one ♥

  6. Julie Ann!! These are so adorable! I love this clever idea!
    How is the remodeling coming along??
    hope all is well sending love & hugs,Jackie xoxo


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