Monday 13 February 2017

Owl ATC Box

Hello from Magpieheaven. Tomorrow is St Valentine's Day, but I'm afraid I'm not really sharing a very traditional Valentine make over at Calico Craft Parts! I do think it's just a little bit romantic so please pop across if you would like to see more.

Meanwhile, may tomorrow and all your days be full of love and creativity.


  1. Love the owl! hope you have a very happy Valentine's day!

  2. I think it's fabulous, much nicer than the pink heart type! Have a very happy day xx

  3. This is definitely my kind of Valentine, I love it!

  4. Julie Ann, Ava is perfectly beautiful perched on this book! nd I look forward to seeing the atc's you design for the inside!
    hugs and love my friend, Jackie

  5. I've just been to catch up with this over at Calico - a much lovelier Valentine celebration than the usual, I'd say. Lovely, lovely work with the book box.
    Alison x


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