Monday 14 January 2019

Encouragement Banner at Calico Craft Parts Blog

I have a project over at Calico Craft Parts blog that I hope will help get January 2019 off to an encouraging start. Please pop across to see how I created it if you have a moment.

Wishing all my creative friends, a Happy and Healthy 2019.


  1. Julie Ann, your artwork is always so inspiring to me! This banner is absolutely stunning! The delightful muses with their heart shaped heads, this drew me in instantly!
    I just love Pysche's legs!
    And your oil work is just gorgeous! Sorry you burned yourself! "( Fine job regardless-those colors are mesmerizing!
    love and hugs,Jackie

  2. Thank you so much Jackie for your lovely encouraging comment. I luckily didn't burn myself too badly! I'm always doing that when I use a heat gun! I had to make a video lately and I recall i burned myself in that too! Once again, many thanks for your loyal support, which means so much to me. xx


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