Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WOYWW? Tiny Things!

Hello and welcome to Magpie's muddle again! Thank you so much to those who stopped by the chaos for the first time last week. It was also really fun meeting some of you and being allowed to peek at your beautiful, creative work spaces; I even discovered a magpie cousin far, far away in the US! Hello Dianne, if you've fluttered by!
Well it's a dull, grey day here and so my photos are bit shadowy - appropriate as I'm still working on the 'Shadow Dance' shrine for the ARC! Sorry about the quality of this, but I hope you get some idea of what it will look like inside an exploding box!
Here is  the outside of the exploding box. I'm planning to crackle glaze those black sections.

 I got up before everyone else today so I could get some work done on it. Things have been so busy here with my teaching really hotting up due to the approach of exams; various magpie brood crises and being distracted from my original plan by wanting to play along with the Paper Artsy Challenge.
Here is the canvas I did waiting to have some braid attached - not sure if this is the right shade - any ideas?

This might seem rather bewildering, but for the ARC I decided on a shrine within a shrine, if you see what I mean. I kept thinking of so many new elements to add that a mini-shrine was not large enough, so I thought - what about a house in a box? There so many sections to these Victorian Exploding Boxes from Retro Cafe Art Gallery - just like the intricate descriptions and layers of Angela Carter's novel. It's fun working on this, but I can see it's going to take me ages. I am really experimenting with the effects of Fresco Finish paints too, trying to go for a Victorian look. Maybe I'll have to join the challenge next month instead!!!
Well, have a great day everyone and thank you for sharing what's on your work tables this Wednesday; I can't wait to see.


  1. Love your creative ideas, the colours and detail are Gorgeous x
    Have a beautiful week WOYWW Heather #74

  2. Love the exploding box, never done one of those! thanks for stopping by. Helen, 5

  3. Hey Cous, a big hello from Canada:):) I'm loven your green canvas, it's a stunning piece of art, love the face on tissue, the sssssspecial tissue, love how you surrounded her with those leaves, and that crackle keyhole with a flower growing out, brilliant.
    I love your colorful mat, makes a great background. Your box looks like a lot of work but it will be worth it, it;s looken fabulous already.. Can't wait to see it finished,Have a not so busy, creative week...

  4. Great work space, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week and happy crafting

    Candace #62

  5. Such a fun and creative desk you have there! Your canvas is turning out lovely (love the colors you are using there). The leaves are just such great touches too. Your exploding box is coming along great too! Enjoy the day! Winnie#75

  6. Oh my, there's a lot of creative gorgeousness on your desk. Lovely to see it all, thank you. Happy Wednesday :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@101)

  7. Your work desk eludes to the fact that you are very creative and productive! The shrines look fabulous. Good luck with all your projects. thanks for sharing. dix---

  8. Love your work. The exploding box is amazing. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #1

  9. Hi Julie
    I love all the bits you are working on you have put so much thought in to it all. Your canvas is amazing I love it
    Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  10. Hi Julie, your canvas is beautiful, I've enjoyed looking at all the details. The braid looks great to me but with photos and monitors I don't know if I'm seeing what you're seeing - if you see what I mean? :0) Thanks for your visit today and enjoy your creative week. MMx #72

  11. Lovely work on your desk. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW Anne x #70

  12. Even if you don't finish in time for the challenge deadline, it's done what it should - utterly inspired you. Specially if you're getting up early to work on it! The canvas is gorgeous, but don't ask me about shades..really..I know nothing except what I like!

  13. Welcome to our group, Julie. Sorry I wasn't here to welcome you last week. First off, I gotta say... I just want to sit down with you and watch you at work. Your pieces are amazing. Email me and I'll give you tips for pics on gloomy days. KellyH(at)artlover(dot)com Creative Blessings! Kelly #103

  14. OOh I've just read your comments about the ATC for can of course join in...we can make it can post the ATC to your recipient as soon as you can after you get's getting you onto the link list that matters.Can you schedule a post for that Wednesday and I can link you on the list? If that sounds like a whole lot of faff, perhaps you and I can swap ATCs?

  15. Lovely craftiness on your desk and apologies for my late arrival! I love those exploding boxes, they are such fun to do, and your canvas is beautiful! Annette #7

  16. Hi Julie,

    Lots of fun projects on your desk. I like the idea of a shrine within a shrine. I have never tried to make an exploding box - although I've experience an explosion in my craft space!

    Thanks for visiting me already. I knew it wouldn't be before Saturday that I'd be able to visit but here it is Sunday already. Better late than never!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (11)

  17. Oh wow so many gorgeous projects your in the middle of all of them look stunning. Happy woyww :-) hugs Kezzy xxx


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