Monday 10 February 2014

Sneak Peek Number 2

Hello and a warm welcome to Magpieheaven. Well, I hope you're ready to see if any magic is going on inside the shabby suitcase from last night's blog post!

 I really wanted to do two blog posts, one to give you my PaperArtsy sneak peek and one to post some pics of the lovely things I bought at Stevenage and the tag Darcy made and signed for me as well as give Alison Hall a special shout-out because she took me and brought me right back to my door. Do take a look at  the amazing journal page she has done inspired by Darcy's demo here , it's absolutely stunning!. The Magpie spirit was willing, but I just didn't feel well enough; I'm still a bit of a hamster and not a very lively one at that! The good news is I should be be feeling fine soon now that I've seen the doctor again and I'm on anti-biotics. 
Thank you to all the lovely friends who made yesterday so much fun, anyway.
 If you would like to pop over to the PaperArtsy blog here you can see the second part of my February project and take a little peek inside the case. Have a lovely evening and do please dig out those little suitcases or adapt those boxes so that you can create your own little worlds within a suitcase and play along with me this week!


  1. Hmmm, that looks interesting, love your colour choices

    Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well, but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and you'll start to feel human again, be up to blogging your stash and finally get round to playing with it!!

    Sam xxx

  2. Glad you've got the antibiotics now Julie Ann, hopefully they'll do the trick.
    It was really sweet of you to mention my AJ page, hope you'll feel up to playing soon too.
    I've seen your little case, it's so beautiful!
    Take care,
    Alison xxx

  3. Wow wow wow absolutely gorgeous stunning little garden you have made. I love how you have started to decorate the inside of the suitcase. I can't wait to see the final installment this evening. Lots of hugs Kerry Ann xxxxxxxx

  4. Hope you begin to feel better soon! Your case is truly beautiful, look forward to seeing today's post! Couldn't comment last night - my Labyrinthitus came back and couldn't focus without feeling giddy! Taking the tablets now - AGAIN! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. Just managed to make it over to PA and have left some love there for the beautiful interior - looking forward to the final pieces tonight. Hope the antibiotics will sort you out... feel better soon.
    Alison xx


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