Wednesday, 19 February 2014

WOYWW! It's great to be back!

Hello, welcome and thank you for dropping by to look at what's on my workbench this Wednesday! It's especially nice of you to remember me as I've not been around much lately! If you're wondering what I'm chattering on about in my magpie way, do drop over to the lovely Julia's Stamping Ground here, read her lively take on the world of crafting and take the opportunity to show what you've been creating and peek at other crafters' work desks all over the world. Here, after all this time is what's on my work desk, which is still, as it always was, the top of my washing-machine!
That hasn't changed; but life has - in all sorts of unexpected ways! I have joined some design teams, which is keeping me busy, but happy! I was ill with an infected salivary gland, which was surprisingly painful, but that's better now - thanks to anti-biotics! Helping my Mum settle into her new home nearby has - unsurprisingly - been lots of work; but the flat now looks beautiful. She's eighty-four and partially sighted so adjusting has been hard, but she's happy now. Some of you may recall that my son, in his early twenties, suffered a mental breakdown at the start of an MA course and was diagnosed with Aspergers last April. I am so proud of him because he found himself a voluntary job, worked hard and has overcome huge challenges so that the team he works with are now applying for funding to keep him on as a paid employee! And, from stepping into a world that I didn't know existed before last April, that of Crafty Blogland, I have found new friends! The Sunday before last the amazingly creative Alison Hall of Craftytrog's Inky Adventures kindly took me to Stamperama, Stevenage where I met up with all kinds of lovely people: Helen Lindfield, Lin Shields, Deborah Wainwright, Kirsten Sheridan, Sarah Baldwin, Hazel Agnew, Alison Bomber and - of course - Leandra Franich and Darcy Wilkinson. There are other really dear friends who were not able to be there like the lovely Lucy Edmondson who I hope to meet up with soon and the incredibly talented Laura Bomber. Maybe some day I shall meet in person with my friends, Kerry Ann and Dianne who have both filled my life with colour, kindness and inspiration. The kitchen re-furb that I thought was underway when I started WOYWW is no nearer completion and now helping with flood damage is increasing Kevin's workload even more, but we can live with our shabby and far from chic kitchen a bit longer - far worse to have lost your home to filthy waters: my heart goes out to all the victims of the terrible storms.
I mustn't ramble too much, but can you spy what's on my desk today? I have discovered the delights of brayering; using baby wipes for everything including wiping away layers on projects; some homemade stamp cleaner which I learned about through WOYWW and the tiny edge of something secret I'm working on. Well, I have to fly now, but have a wonderful, creative Wednesday. I'll try to visit as many of your desks as I can and leave my number! Happy WOYWW!


  1. There is nothing better than a meet-up of online mates. I am always surprised when people say they are hesitant, maybe fearing the real person will be different to the online one, but I can honestly say I have never been disappointed not wished I hadn't done it. Here's hoping an opportunity presents itself for you to meet up with those last couple of friends soon! And luck to you with the DT work. Your brayer looks like a work of art in itself LOL! Such a pretty effect.....

    An early Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (20)

  2. Indeed - these floods have been horrendous, and on the back of last years' too... *sigh*
    Love what you're creating :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 31

  3. You are brimming with positive vibes and that makes everyone who calls by very happy! So now you've met some onliners, how about joining Helen and some other deskers at the WOYWW Crop?!! I have a love hate relationship with a brayer - and mostly, it's a 'use it when you have to' tye thing - but then, I'm not exactly known for using loads of mediums and paint!

  4. Huge pat on the back for your son. What an acheivement. Hope things continue to improve for him.
    Love the turquoise colours your crafting with at the fav :-)
    Annie x # 42

  5. Well hello there. We've not been around for ages either. Life just gets in the way doesn't it. Sorry to hear the kitchen refurb is not yet complete but huge congratulations to your son.

    The bears @ # 73

  6. Have always wanted to try brayering. Will look out for the stuff you do with yours. Happy WOYWW
    Love Karen #47 xxx

  7. Your desk is showing lots of shades of green!
    Stamperama was good it's been going years! I remember it in the days when the stamp addicts ladies MUm carol used to demo on there stand , she was a talented crafter! That was over ten years ago !
    Jackie 15

  8. Hello my dear Magpie Cuz, it's wonderful to see you got a bit of time to play at WOYWW again, I'm not playing this week I have only been making things I can't show till they receive them. You are awesome , just imagine you creating all those fantastic project on your washing machine, amazing. I'm so happy to hear your Mom is doing good and is happy with her new nest. WHOOT WHOOT, how wonderful for your son grrrrreat news. Your brayer looks so pretty :), and that flower is gorgeoussss, I can't wait to see the whole tag, it's looking gorgeous already, and Missy you belong on those Design teams, I have been saying that for ages, I'm off to water fit and will do more visiting when I get home.. Have a wonderful day and see you soon..

  9. Julie Ann--it is so good to hear what you've been up to! I love that gorgeous flower, and you'd never know your craft table was the washing machine! My craft room is in my bedroom! It sounds like you've received many blessings lately, and I am so happy for you with the good things happening for your darling son and sweet mother. Yay! You must remember to share the art that your beautiful flower is going on too--we want to see it all! I hope you guys keep making progress on your kitchen. I am hoping for a new kitchen floor this summer! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #13

  10. I so glad you are feeling better, and that things are working out for your son. Love everything on your desk. The flower is beautiful. #1

  11. it was lovely to meet you too, and I had forgotten about working on top of your washing machine - now in even more awe - no, I mean now even more in awe, don't I; can't be writing badly to an English expert! - where was I? Oh yes, even more in awe of how you create such beautiful art on such a surface! Helen 10.

  12. Julie Ann, you have so much going on, it's a wonder you have time to craft at all! I recognize many of those names on your list, what a treat to get to meet them. SO glad to hear your son and Mum are doing well, what a blessing!

    Thank you for your sweet comments, and congratulations on your dts, too!

    #21ish this week with
    a quilty and journal

  13. How lovely of you to mention me. Can't wait to see you again soon! Hope you are feeling better this evening!

    Lucy xx

  14. It was so touching to read the story of your son and the hurdles he has overcome, we will keep our fingers crossed that they receive the funding on his behalf and glad to read that you are feeling much better.

  15. Im late - we are late my daughter an I have been at the vets out of town all day so Im running so late. so I will keep it short. Thanks for the peek # 22 & 23

  16. I have a special place for my brayers. One of the tools that totally changed crafting for me, a must have in all crafters tool boxes. and the good old baby wipe paint brush.
    Nice things on your desk that doubles up for you.
    Keep smiling xx
    Nelle 71 xx

  17. I'm glad you are back! I only returned last week from being absent :( And all that good news too! Your mum sounds amazing (my 67year old mother is fit as a fiddle and lives in my house ugh) my son with aspergers is being a bit resistant about collage (although his grades are awesome and he is in the National Honor Society) and good for you being on design teams! Bravo!!
    I am sad not to get t see your new kitchen and green fridge!!

  18. I'm so glad you're feeling better & that good things are happening for you & your son. I'm sure it won't be much longer before you have the kitchen of your dreams. :) And I like the look of that sneak peek too.
    (I see you've been spammed by the same i*d**t as Gabrielle was. They really annoy me)

  19. Its good to have you back and I am so glad things are on the up for you and your family (even if not for the kitchen). You have had a rough time of it lately, I pray that things will turn out to have a huge silver lining for you.
    Hugs, Neet 49 xx

  20. So good to have you back because I had genuinely missed you. It was fun to read that you have joined several DTs. Lucky you. And it appears that there is some good news about your son, even as he continues to improve. I'm also still in awe of your workdesk. Such a small surface, but we all make do with what we have, right?

    I'm running late this week because of more power outages, this time accompanied by loss of my phone and internet. Happy belated WOYWW from #3.

  21. Oh Julie Ann its fantastic news about Issac, I bet that will help his confidence and I hope they get the funding. It must have been so exciting meeting up with bloggy friends. It's true about all those poor victims of the floods. Hope your mum and daughter areas ok. Love your bits on your desk. Hugs Kezzy :-) xxxxx


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