Friday, 4 April 2014

A Magpie Blogaversary!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven! Today is a little bit special for me!  A year ago I wrote my very first blog!  I felt so nervous as I made my first steps into the world of Crafty blogging,and at first I wondered if anyone was out there! Now twelve months on I have made some amazing friends who have taught me so much about creativity! They have opened my eyes to stunning beauty and generosity of spirit! I have been honoured to guest design with the PaperArtsy Family; had tea with Crafty Luce; gone on crafty journeys with Kerry; discovered a Magpie Cousin who lives far away in Canada; got unruly with Paper Arts; made friends with some PATwits; been inspired and uplifted by words and pictures with Alison Bomber; had the honour of sharing Our Creative Corner with some extraordinary artists; done some Fashionable Stamping; dreamed with Dragons and met some Country View Challenges! I know my Magpie Cousin will smile when I recall that one of my first 'makes' was a box all about taking flight! That is exactly what I have done since April 2013!
It was a present for a very dear friend who loves butterflies and birds and I made it as a nest for some earrings I bought her for her! I used the first PaperArtsy Ink and the Dog stamp I ever bought on it, Graphic 45 paper and some Cafe Retro Art Gallery paper cut butterflies!
Here it is all ready to open. I think in those days I probably had just two or three shades of PaperArtsy Fresco paint! I look at these early makes and blush! I would do things differently now! The little swallows on the lid are from a Crafty Individuals plate, another of the first stamp sets I ever bought! I really must play some more with CI stamps!
Here are the earrings on their special card! I loved these exploding boxes from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I made several of them! One I gave to a friend who had one too many drinks on his birthday and left it in a cab!
I wonder where that incredible cab journey led the little lost box - not to the dustbin, I hope?!
One exploding box went to a friend's son's girlfriend, Amy and also appeared on the Retro Cafe Art Gallery FB page, which was a huge thrill!
Amy was something of a Retro fan so the inside opened up to reveal...a Tim Holtz dress form and lots of images from vintage knitting patterns!
Her favourite colours were pink and grey, I remember.

One of the first artists whose work I loved - even before Lynne Perrella - was Sandra Everstson and the second box I made featured her Petite Whimsy stamps!
I was so exciting when these came all the way from America!
I couldn't wait to ink those lovely images!

 Thank you to my friends and followers. I could not have known quite how much joy blogging and crafting with such lovely people could bring! This last year has had its ups and downs in the real world; but in the magical land that you all help to create. it has been the richest, the most beautiful, the most joyful and the most exciting year of my life!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary Julie! Your art is gorgeous! Here's to many more! xoxo

  2. Most exciting year of your life so far Julie Ann, so far, there will be more highs in the magic land as you spread your magpie wings and take flight...

    I feel privileged to share the blog posts you so wonderfully create, the knowledge you share and the warmth you impart through your own words and pictures.

    HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGAVERSARY, looking forward to many, many more. Enjoy your
    day:-) xxx

  3. Happy Blogaversary Julie Ann. It has certainly been a year of crafty achievements for you and so well deserved. I look forward to following you on your second year in Blogland. Congratulations and well done.
    Julie x

  4. Happy Blogaversary Honey, here's to many more. Elizabeth xxxx

  5. Gorgeous boxes, beautifully coloured and crafted. You must have a great deal of patience.

  6. Congratulations Julie Ann! So happy to have made your acquaintance in the past year. Thanks for all your beautiful inspiration!
    Alison xxx

  7. Your words echo my own as I was a reluctant blogger, believing it wasn't for me, I would feel too exposed yet now I cannot imagine it not being part of my creative life. I am so glad you took the plunge as each time we visit your blog our lives are all the richer for it.
    This is stunning, what a very special gift for your friend.

  8. Hello Miss Julie Ann, only a years and look what you have done since, you've always had the talent the only thing missing were the tools, now with them, you are soaring high, with no limits. I agree with Miss Lynne, you have certainly made my life much richer, your stories always touch my heart and your creations light up my life, you are my hero, I'm so glad you started this blog for us to witness your brilliance, and all of those boxes are treasures, no one who found the lost box would put it in the bin, they would have kept it.. (((( HUGE HUGS )))) Cuz...

  9. Where would we be without you? Your posts always inspire and especially when you use those LP stamps! You certainly have had a wonderful year-Happy Blogaversary - looking forward to the next year! Chrisx

  10. Happy Blogaversary Julie Ann, you definitely have had a wonderful creative year and I am sure it is just the start of many fabulous new adventures to come. I love seeing all your exploding boxes. xx

  11. Happy Blogaversary Julie Ann...Your boxes are so creative...I am so glad you started your blog a year ago... as I have had so much inspiration from your wonderful creations...looking forward to lots more...Hugs May x x

  12. Sorry to be late, happy first blogaversary. Beautiful exploding boxes.

  13. What a wonderful, explosive way to celebrate and commemorate an extraordinary year of blogging and creating, Julie Ann. It's been an absolute joy to be along for the ride... and I'm looking forward to many more years to come!
    Alison xx

  14. Happy belated Blogaversary wishes... being away the last few days and catching up now. You've created wonderful pieces during the last days.

  15. Happy blogadversary even though it's mega late. I can't believe it's only a year, I feel I have known you for so much longer. Your exploding boxes are awesome, I really should do one again. My first one I made was in 2007 when I had only been crafting for less then a year, it was all papers, photos and embellishments for my mum. I became quite addicted to them and made loads. It would be great to do another one now with my ability to use paints and stamps. I made mine from scratch, I had never even heard of the retro cafe. I really love the way you have with words, such a huge talent, just being mentioned on your blog is such a thrill, it's never just a kezzys blog, but always within a story which always makes me feel special. We must catch up again soon. Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


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