Wednesday 28 February 2018

Doll Swap - Take Your Partners!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven. As I write this the wind is howling outside and blowing the snow here and there! The temperatures have been struggling to get above freezing and it's taking quite an effort to convince myself that spring will come! Nevertheless, our trusty postie made it through the bad weather yesterday with a very exciting package indeed! I've been involved in several craft swaps since I began creating a few years back, but at present I'm part of my first paper doll swap - thanks to Jackie PN of Creatingwithoutcrayons. In the midst of swirling snow and glittering ice this exquisite little being fluttered into my life! I think she is an absolute master-piece of paper doll making and receiving her had me dancing for joy all around my breakfast table! 

She is the creation of my first partner in the swap - the incredibly gifted artist, Theresa Martin. If you click here you can see her beautiful blog.

I love the detail, the hair, the wonderful colours: she is truly magical! And what a great idea to provide her with a magic slipper for a home. It looks as if it might have belonged to one of the twelve dancing princesses from the fairy tale.

Now let me introduce you to her her swap partner - Venetia, all ready to perform a galliard or a pavanne! She danced all the way to the USA in her wise owl carnival costume. She may not have seen Venice, but she was created in my little Edwardian cottage surrounded by my collection of Venetian masks, which were my inspiration.

Although Venetia is not the first Art Doll I have created, she is my first paper doll and I had a lot to learn as I went along. She includes some of my own art work along with scraps from my designer paper scrap box.

Do you recognise the owl chick trim on her gown? The golden panels on her skirt are skeleton leaves and the tiny brads mean that her arms and legs can be posed.

I had great fun creating Venetia and learned so much that I can't wait to start on another doll and try out some new challenges and ideas.

I think, for example, I might introduce a flap around the back of the doll next time, so that it can be lifted if you want a glimpse of the underwear or left in place in the interests of modesty! 

Thank you so much for stopping by Magpieheaven today. I hope you are not in the grip of cruel winter where you are, but if you are, stay safe and warm and maybe dance a little yourself - it's a great way to keep warm.


  1. I so love Venetia and I also loved the way she was packed up. Thanks for blogging about the swap. This was a great experience.

  2. both your doll and the one you received are beautiful! stay warm and dry.

  3. Just so lovely, your doll and your swap are so wonderful, thank you for sharing! I look forward to hopefully one day being your swap partner as I think your ideas sound fabulous!

  4. What beautiful dolls created by both you and your partner! I am so looking forward to this new group and trading with you in the future

  5. Wow! Julie Ann! Such a beautiful doll received and such a beautiful doll sent!
    Where do I begin!
    I am so thrilled that both you and Theresa have received your dolls and absolutely love them! I cannot wait for the others to start receiving theirs! How fabulous!
    Oh, right away I noticed the trim on Venetia's dress! I love that new chick! And I so love her mask and fan- Gorgeous doll!!This is so much fun and i am so excited for more to come! Of course I look forward to partnering with you in the future as well!
    Stay warm and cozy inside my friend- sending love & hugs,Jackie xo

  6. Oh she is amazing Julie , her movable body is prefect, and I love her magical owl mask you painted, and added the lace and pearls to , as well as the trim- on her dress :-) Everything is beautiful, and so detailed,- wonderful she can move her arms and legs. - The sweet doll you received looks adorable, and so cozy in her wonderful shoe . Must have been so much fun, to swap .
    Hugs- and hope it will stop snowing both here, and in your corner :-) Xx

  7. What beautiful dolls! I'm sure Theresa will be thrilled with Venetia... sure is wonderful! Chrisx

  8. Wow, Venetia has an exquisite mask and dress. Such detailed work. You're awesome and I'm so glad I got to meet you thru Jackie's Paper Doll Club.


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