Monday, 12 March 2018

Queen Among Cats at Calico Craft Parts

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven. I've been having fun with a little boat kit over at Calico Craft Parts today. Please join me here if you would like to see more.

Enjoy your day and Happy Creating!


  1. that's fabulous Julie Ann! (but you need to check your history facts)

  2. OMGosh!
    I was over to see this creation Julie Ann,and I must tell you,this has surely captured my heart!
    I have had a long love affair with your royalty and when you spin them into your creations,well,I feel like I have entered their stories with you!
    Caterina's shrine is magnificent! I am so glad you took so many photos showing the details,because, one photo does not say enough! The use of the tape-genuis! The old English script-gorgeous! The tiles and mapping-outstanding! okay, I am truly head over heels with this! And i truly love that you share your details,it is inspiring to learn from others such as you Julie! Huge fan here!
    have a beautiful week dear friend! and I so wish we were closer to play art together!
    Jackie xoxo

  3. Julie, I just been there, and had my time, with your wonderful creation. The shrine is gorgeous, with your Queen Cat inside,- and the old script !! And again I have to say the tiles are just a gorgeous idea, and looks wonderful.
    I love it !! Xxx

  4. She's lovely Julie! Loved the article and all the extra photos too.


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