Wednesday, 27 November 2013

WOYWW - Help - it's heading this way!

When our children were small I remember receiving a letter from their infant school requesting help with costumes for the Nativity. The letter opened with the words, 'The Infant Nativity is Fast Approaching...' Mr Magpie and I laughed at this, as we imagined some kind of crazy wagon bearing tots as shepherds in their stripy bathrobes or the 3 kings in their Lurex and spangles, Mary with her baby-doll, Joseph complete with fake beard and a myriad angels with their wire hanger tinsel halos, careering madly towards us to the accompaniment of piped Christmas carols. Well, Christmas feels like it's careering madly towards me at the moment, even if those Infant Nativity days are long past! And what do I have on my work bench? If you think I've gone quite mad you're probably right! You'll find out why I'm using the acronym WOYWW in my title if you pop over to the noble Julia's Stamping Ground. Why I choose to see the approach of Christmas as a herd of Nativity performing youngsters ...well, all I can say is, the Nativity was lovely when it was performed and Christmas will be just lovely when it arrives, whether I'm ready for it or not! Here then is the top of my washing machine this week! It's going to be a short post because, as I'll explain in a moment, I'm going to be posting twice today.
Here are the chocolate boxes of yesteryear that hold my little embellishments. There's a sneaky peek of a tag for the Dragon's Dream TIO over to your right! I'm a Guest Designer there for a little while and I'm really excited. I'll be blogging this later today so you are very warmly invited back later for a proper look at my take on the recipe for this challenge. This is the reason for the two posts. I am so addicted to WOYWW I just had to have my fix. What have I been doing this morning? I should be feverishly making batches of Christmas cards, but so many nice people last week suggested I 'chill' about that one, so I'm taking their advice. Craft is going to continue to be the fun part of my life. They'll be special cards for special people and I will try to get on with those in a minute, but then there's no harm in Charity Cards for a good cause as Alison pointed out to me last week. I've been storing away embellishments, as both Kimmie and Kezzy sent me some lovely Happy Mail. I'll not be showing you Kezzy's (in the blue box) yet, as I have some special plans for that in the New Year!  In the gold chocolate box at the back of the picture is a doll's head I bought from a junk shop when I was 17! It looks as if it comes from the nineteen-twenties to me, but I can't be sure. I've never wanted to use it because I believe it's so old, but I'm feeling seriously tempted to use it after all these years. I realized that I have lots of lovely shiny bottle tops too! Now there are so many projects they could be useful for....and I could combine those with that little head in some kind of art doll! Even that ribbon with 'Fragment' stamped on it could be used. I feel a project totally unrelated to Christmas taking over!  I wonder what's on your work desk today?I'm later posting today, but I'll do my very best to get around to as many desks as possible and see! Have a great, creative week.


  1. Lots of Christmassy boxs on your desk!
    That tag looks very nice I must say
    Jackie 38

  2. All those interesting embellishments get me thinking too. I'm sure you could do something creative with them :)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier ... much appreciated.
    RosA # 4

  3. Ah the Nativity play! Those days are finally behind us and now I sort of miss them :) I too have a little bag full of bottle tops and not idea what to do with them. I'll look forward to seeing you use them first :D

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (28)

  4. Lots of interesting things in those boxes, you could certainly make a fabulous project with them. I tend to keep things and never use just in case I think of something better to use them on but that's silly I guess. I look forward to seeing what you do with the dolls head.
    Have a great week,
    Von #27

  5. I was part of the TA team at school that used to have to sort out the costumes every year and make the headdresses etc. Great fun!! There were always fights between the sheep and donkeys....ah, happy days..... :-)
    Glad you've taken a step back from the madness...enjoy the crafting you do :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  6. Some interesting goodies in those boxes . Happy woyww Jill #45

  7. WHAAAAAT, a GUEST DESIGNER again oh Miss Julie Ann my dreams about you are coming true, well I can hardly wait till after I get home to see what you created, I do loooooove the dragon challenge eeeekkkks I'm so excited..Hey what beautiful chocolate boxes you get over there, ours are boring, gold, or black with pics of the chocolates, the bird one is fabuloussss, okay that doll head is old and a little spooky looking LOL, my claws are itching to see all the special goodies in that bird box, oh man I have a box full of bottle caps, don't have a clue what to use them for, maybe I'll learn something from you on those. I'm glad your chilling, and just letting things happen like they are suppose to.. I'll be thinking about what you made when I'm jogging in the pool, then I'll be back, :O). My nest has been empty, then full, then empty and full again, so no creating happening till hopefully this afternoon, my tags are yelling at me now LOL.. Have a wonderful day Miss Designer, oh sorry not yet but in the new year I recon... Hope you and the rest of you nesters have a wonderful day and I'll see you in a few hours I can't wait... ((( BIG HUGS )))

  8. So you leave us wanting more...we want to see what's in those boxes...You offered some insight into your imagination through your description of a wagon filled with robed funny. Be well Carole # 67...I think I was 67 last week too!

  9. p.s. A snowbird is a name given to folks who live in the northern parts of the USA and flee the cold and snow by moving to the southern states for the winter months.

  10. Ooh, boxes of treasure. I bet I could spend a couple of hours rummaging through boxes and think it had been 5 minutes!
    So good to be back desking this week,

  11. Infant Nativity is fast approaching--that's going to have me giggling off and on all day, Julie Ann! Happy mail and boxes of goodies, guest designer AND secrecy--your post has it all today!

    Thank you for stopping by this week, and Happy WOYWW to you!
    #13 this week
    with another advent calendar!

  12. Well I must come back later and see your creation! What fun! I love how you store your bobbles in the chocolate boxes, because I love storing my things in pretty boxes. I loved your comment on my blog today--how sweet. You made me feel very special in making all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes I make every year, and it made me realize not to take it for granted! Hugs dearest! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #16

  13. The boxes are lovely, without even getting as far as looking at the contents - but they are great too! Yes, infant nativities were lovely - and now, we have even finished with going to our Grandchildren's nativity plays - 1 senior and 4 juniors - sad sigh! As you say, Christmas will arrive - spending time with those we love and remembering the birth of our Saviour is just so precious whether everything is done or not. ENJOY
    Trust you managed to discover what pergamano is - if not - take a peek here
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #26

  14. Hey Julie Ann, thanks for swinging by blog earlier..glad you liked the calendar. I love your chocolate boxes of goodies...Congrats on your guest designer slot. Cx #30

  15. It's posts like this that make me wish I had a grand-child. How lovely to go and see them in a nativity. Ah well!
    Lovely boxes and gorgeous treasures inside.
    My only two C Cards have gone now and I need to make a couple or so to send abroad - oh heck - when have I got time?
    Hugs, Neet xx 23

  16. So fantastic that you're GDing for the Dragons (and you already know I love the first one) - I think, with this hoard, you've maybe exceeded the magpie and gone straight to a mountain of treasures which a dragon would grace beautifully! Yet another Wednesday has passed me by - one of these days I'll manage to share WOMW...
    Alison xx

  17. I recognize those boxes! I have Christmas ornaments packed away in mine.LOL
    I will check back later. Meanwhile Happy WOYWW! Thank you for visiting me earlier.
    Sharon #3

  18. Will say welcome along, in advance of the big reveal! Your washing machine come desk looks pretty busy today! Helen 34

  19. Ooooh! Exciting - I'll be back! Meanwhile enjoy those goodies - not so sure about the dolls head though, sorry, although no doubt you will turn my head when you get around to using it! Philomena was excellent btw - SC made an excellent job of portraying Martin Sixsmith and of course JD can do no wrong - the story was riveting! Chrisx 72

  20. Yum, yum, Julia Anne, your photo of your lovely stuff is just what I would expect in magpie heaven!! I'm happy that you are relaxing and enjoying the process! And I saw the brilliant DT work you did when I came in just now through the front door!! It is spectacular!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!! Thanks for the visit to me!! Hugs, Darnell

  21. Great to hear you're taking advise and chilling out. Christmas should be a special time not one full of stress [says she her now has to pack up a house ready for the move :-) ].
    A x #43

  22. Definitely a Christmasy feel on your desk this week, took a peek at your tag and it is magnificent - sigh. Still taking the paracetamol BJ#51

  23. I agree that it can get to a point that it becomes work instead of fun if we allow ourselves to be too "driven" with these projects. Sounds like the doll head is calling to you. Have fun with the cards you do decide to make!
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Lisa #95

  24. I remember having similar boxes and enjoying stashing stuff in them! I enjoyed your blog post! I hope you have a great weekend! Ginny #19

  25. you have some interesting stash there cant wait to see what you create with a dolls head and bottle tops ive no imagination "!!! thank you f or your very kind comment and we had a great time hope to get some crafty time after housework and ironing today belated Wednesday wishes Andrea #29

  26. i am very very late this week, sorry. wow you have ots of fabulous ideas. look forward to seeing them become a reality
    famfa 2

  27. Wow I am so happy your artwork is getting such fantastic recognition you certainly deserve it, your work is so special and each creation has such thought and the details are amazing each time. I am loving all your delightful embellishments and the dolls head does look very vintage. Making an artdoll would be wonderful, and she could shine on a piece of artwork instead of being kept in a box. Lots of hugs Kerry Ann :-) xxx xxx


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