Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas Riches!

Hello to anyone in Blogland who might be popping by on this Boxing Day morning! I know this is a day late, so I don't know if it is OK, but I just wanted to link up with WOYWW at Julia's Stamping Ground. Click Here to find out more! Wow, Julia is amazing and dedicated to post on Christmas Day and what a difference her brainchild, WOYWW has made to my life! It was not possible yesterday - so hectic! Last week vanished somehow and I just wanted to send wishes and thank yous to all the friends and followers I have made over this last amazing year of blogging! This last year has been an incredible experience. I have learned so many crafting techniques from so many lovely new friends and the world has become a richer and a more beautiful place thanks to all of you! I wanted to share some of my precious Christmas treasures with you so I nipped out to my little conservatory and arranged my most prized Christmas goodies on the trusty washing-machine top, which is still my work bench!
 Would you believe I didn't have a craft mat until now?! This was a gift from my lovely son. You can also see a beautiful snowflake decoration from Kezzy and a lovely little hanging from her with a Henna design in the centre. This looks incredible irl. There is also a lovely little chest of drawers to keep embellies in from my dear Auntie Rene. The lovely vintage fabric faery hanging is from my dear Magpie Cousin, Dianne all the way from Canada. Both Kezzy and Dianne have been 'under the weather' lately so I really, really appreciate these little treasures.
Here is a close-up of the gift from my DH. Leandra from Paper Artsy mentioned this fabulous book on Twitter and he ordered it for me. All kinds of stunning journal pages by my favourite artists, including the very gifted Lynne Perrella nestle between those covers - it's a delight!

My Auntie Rene who spent Christmas Day with us, gave me this Victorian Year Book. When I have finished using it to write down my tutorials with my students in 2014 I can use the glorious images in projects. I love these pages so much I just had to share another one with you!
 I can't wait to clear a space between the Christmas nuts and chocs and the mountains of wrapping paper (loads of lovely bits to alter seem to have found their way into Magpieheaven disguised as packaging too!) and CRAFT to my heart's content! I have a very important couple of projects I have to work on! Have a wonderful holiday season wherever you are and whatever you are doing and have a great, creative 2014!


  1. Oh I LOVE True Colours! I dragged it out not that long ago - isn't it inspirational? Now, get crafting... :)

    Happy WOYWW Boxing Day!
    Mary Anne (waiting for the family clear out so I can clear up at #7)

  2. What wonderful presents.
    Merry Christmas.
    Karin #31

  3. Happy Christmas Julia Ann. what a fab stash of Christmas goodies you have there. Warmest Christmas Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  4. Wow lovely stash there and how thoughtful of hubby and what a lovely surprise.

    Can't believe that that's your first craft mat - lol

    Hope you've had a lovely Christmas time

    Sam xxx

  5. What a gorgeous victorian book, I was just thinking you could use the pictures from it too. Happy Boxing Day BJ#4

  6. Happy Boxing Day. That book looks great. I have had a little spend of some Christmas money this morning!

  7. Wonderful presents julie Ann! I was also saving cracker and packaGing yesterday for up cycling. Plse excuse typos for a few days while I get used to Christmas present!

    Lucy x

  8. Lovely prezzies! Hope you have fun using them ;-)
    Thanks for all the support over the past few months!
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xx

  9. Cool pressies! Happy Holidays! Nan G #3

  10. What a wonderful Christmas you must have had. I am sincerely impressed and LOVE that calendar. You scored BiGtImE. Happy Boxing Day, Merry belated Christmas, and happy day after WOYWW from #1.

  11. I forgot to mention, I have True Colors. I'm glad you are excited about it. I found it lacking in techniques, so I hope that's not why you got the book. The images and photography are really lovely, though.

  12. You got some lovely Crafty presents, and Happy Christmas and WOYWW to you!

    My visitors have gone to their other family today, will be back tomorrow evening for a couple of days then off again.

    Cazzy x #19

  13. Fantastic array of gifts, True Colors looks wonderful.

  14. Happy Boxing Day. You've been blessed with some lovely gifts. April #36

  15. Love the look opf that book!!
    Great pressies!!Hope you're having a pleasant time at the moment.
    Judy #11

  16. Hope you are still enjoying your Christmas - you certainly got some fabulous gifts. I must dig out my copy of True Colours and read it again. Helen 6

  17. A lovely array of goodies. Must investigate the book! xxx

  18. Fabulous goodies :)Wishes

  19. What a lovely array of gifts you have there for us to peruse. Fingers crossed you can show us next years on a worktop. Sincerely, I do hope you get your dream kitchen sooner rather than later.
    Thanks for posting and sorry I am so late in replying to your comment on my blog.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  20. What a wonderful haul... ditto Neet's wishes for a crafty worktop for next year!!

    Hope you're enjoying your Christmas time, and wishing you a wonderful 2014!
    Alison xx

  21. Oh wow you had some wonderful gifts, how have you managed without a heated mat, I have loads, I can't live without them lol, you will love using them. I have never heard of the book before, I really need to start twittering as I miss all the paperartsy gossip lol. Lots of hugs Kerry Ann xxxxxxxx


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