Wednesday, 4 December 2013

WOYWW - Hurray! One card made!

Hello, dear visitors, it's time for the best blog hop around: WOYWW! It's hosted by the amazing Julia Dunnit! If you want to find out the meaning of WOYWW'; the joys of being a 'desker' and why we snoop around the desks of the world every Wednesday then click HERE and all will be revealed!
This week has involved us zooming my mum here, there and everywhere for this and that! There has been such a lot to arrange so that she can settle down and feel at home in her new flat. Her bath needed attention and her kitchen tap was leaking so Kevin helped out! He is great in an emergency, but I've decided, and sorry that this is a never-ending story, that he is such a perfectionist that our kitchen crawls along for a bit and then comes to a standstill. We are in 'standstill' mode at present. I think the lulls are due to him creating the cupboards very, very lovingly. We have handles now on four cupboard doors, but that's about all! Ah well, after Christmas there will eventually be worktops, a sink and tiles and you will all be able to hear my 'happy dance' half way across the globe: everyone's invited to the virtual party too, of course, as I've said so many times before. On Thursday Matilda is doing a photo shoot for her next college project on the Punk era - the University's choice, not hers (!): they like to take you right out of your comfort zone - in our unfinished kitchen with her model dressed as Siouxsie, the '70s punkette! Her lecturer suggested broken crockery all around would look cool and add to the Punk vibe! We-ell, it's one thing having an unfinished kitchen, I'd rather not fill it with broken crockery! Anyway, I must reveal what's on top of my washing machine today before I get totally distracted!
As you can see, I've got one card made and tags cut to have a go at The Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas and today I'm going to play with distress stains before I nip out to the Dentist and take my mum for a blood test - and - fear not, gentle visitors - there's not a broken plate in sight...yet! Do you suppose I'll get those tags done before December 22nd? Thank you so much for dropping by today. It's always so lovely to see you. I'll try to return as many visits as I can. I don't think I managed everyone last week, so please forgive me if the week ran away before I had time for a peek. I'll do my very best this week, even if it means crunching over broken tea mugs! Happy WOYWW!


  1. I'm making an early start today to get round the blogs I follow before my day gets busy.
    Sounds like your life is as busy as mine :-) Good luck.
    Annie x # 56

  2. Lovely projects on your desk Julie. Happy woyww Jill #40

  3. What more could a girl want than handles for Christmas? Well okay, a few worktops would probably come in handy, and the sink might be useful for all that Christmas washing up. Maybe by next Christmas?

    The bears @66

  4. Third try, it keeps jamming up.
    Hope the kitchen gets sorted before too long, you must be fed up with it. Still mum is ok with hers, you have worked so hard.
    I remember a pupil who went punk, her boyfriend had a psydel

  5. Fourth jam - psychedelic cocks comb which changed colour with his moods I guess.
    Wish her luck from me and no broken pots.

  6. Your card is lovely good luck with getting the tags done they look amazing so far.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #42

  7. Hi Julie Ann - sounds like you're having a hectic run up to Christmas! Gorgeous projects on your crafting machine today. Thanks for your visit - it's good to be back! MMx #48

  8. You are very busy. Hope you get your kitchen finished soon and your crocks remain uncracked.
    Famfa 1

  9. broken crockery..they dont want much huh!! love the trees on the tags, very nice. Am delighted that you find time to create, you sem incredibly busy to me! and yes...of course, I'll pop mr Dunnit in the van and head him your way....sometime in the next year!!

  10. Your tale of disarray is so funny although I cannot imagine too funny from your perspective! Broken crockery, one of this ideas that is much better in theory!
    You are doing so well to find creative time with all this taking place.

  11. Hmm, did my post get through I got an odd message. Thanks for visiting earlier, Julie Ann, I am indeed excited by new goodies. Is the lecturer clearing up all this broken crockery? I love your tags, I have that tree stencil too :) Cx #31

  12. You've got some gorgeous tags going on there. Sounds like you're super busy -- I'm glad you've carved out some time to make things. Happy week and happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #84

  13. Those are some lovely tags and your card is gorgeous.

    Yes, I know all about the pitfalls of a hubby who does the carpentry work but is a perfectionist. It's taken him many years, but he's learning that DONE is better than perfect. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy creating and Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #3

  14. Oh the tag challenge sounds wonderful--I am here to cheer you on to get them done! You'll feel the Christmas spirit all the way. Thank you for your sweet comment today, you made me feel so good about my worktable. You are such a good daughter the way your care for your mother and I will take this to heart as my mother is back in the hospital again after a fall, but luckily no broken bones! Hugs and happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #7

  15. thank you for your visit earlier. you are busy im surprised you have any time to make those lovely tags. I hope you get a bit of a kitchen in time for christmas but ive a feeling whatever shape its in you will have a great time.... without the broken crockery though! ,as for getting the tags finished I'm' sure it will be a breeze have good week and hope progress is made crafty hugs Andrea #29

  16. I've been busy playing with my distress stains too Julie Ann, and I am totally loving your tags, blue is one of my favorite colors this time of year, although Red and Green have won out this year. Your card is stunning, that holly background is so striking. I hope things start to get on more of a roll for you and your kitchen and thanks for your earlier visit. Danie #25

  17. Love that teal colour on those tags, yum, my favourite!!
    Don't you go running yourself ragged, girlie, you need some time and space to breathe too......
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  18. not sure how broken crockery comes in to the punk image but hey ho...hope you got all the errands done today, and could get on with the tags... love the colour! Helen 37

  19. Love your tags and I'm amazed you had the time to do them. You sound so crazy busy you poor thing. What a cheeky lecturer saying to put broken crockery around, hope your daughter doesn't get carried away and do it while you're out (eek). I'm sure I'll hear you from here when you finally get all of your doors and handles on.
    Have a great week and get some rest.
    Von #32

  20. Sounds like a crazy life at the moment there, no wonder you've only got the one card done! It's a beauty though, as are the tags. You'll have to show us the Siouxsie photo next week, I used to be a big fan!

    Brenda 5

  21. Thanks for your visit earlier - decorating not started yet, gathering all the equipment together .... but I do have taps, posh 'press and stop' ones, take some getting used to, lots of ' oh! I forgot again!'
    Love those tags, seems beech trees are in fashion at the mo.
    Bishopsmate #68

  22. Hi Julie Ann,

    It seems that there's a lot of people that are currently moving.

    Your projects look wonderful. I especially like the tree tag; it reminds me of the aspens here.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (12)

  23. Lol, yes I can imagine you not wanting broken crockery everywhere lol. I think you will get the tags done, mind you I was only about to start and knew that I wouldn't make it, but now she has extended its so I'm ultra excited to have a go. Hope your mums blood test results are okay. Hugs Kezzy :-) xxxxx


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