Wednesday, 11 December 2013

WOYWW - Siouxsie on my Kitchen Table and Christmas Cards on my washing machine!

Good Morning and welcome to Magpieheaven! Thank you to my newest followers for joining me on my crafting odyssey. I do hope you'll be able to pop in often. What's on your workbench today? Is it Christmassy? Or are you so well organized that you can sit back and compose a list of New Year's Resolutions all ready for January 1st? If you wonder why I'm about to disclose the extraordinary apparition on my table and the little festive collection on my washing machine just pop over to Julia's amazing Stamping Ground and find out all about WOYWW! I'm sure you know all about this brilliant blog-hop that forges friendships and encourages snooping - oops, sorry - INTEREST in the work of others, but in case you don't: do look it up and join in when you can! And now, without further ado, here is a glimpse of my unfinished kitchen - no closer to completion than it was last month, but with my daughter's friend, Kat elegantly posed across my kitchen table - or is it really Siouxsie Sioux? Last week some 'deskers' asked to see Matilda's Siouxsie shoot that she decided should take place in our Work-In-Progress kitchen, one or two actually professed to having been fans back in the day! Well, how convincing is she? I think she's a 'dead ringer' for the 'seventies' star; but what do you think? By the way Kat's wearing a wig and the dress was from a Retro shop, the jacket from the college wardrobe. She doesn't normally look like this or sprawl across our table! And Matilda hadn't even heard of SS until she was given the brief to create a fashion shoot inspired by her 'look'! Imagine - she had to do historical research into the days of my youth! Eek!

This is a photo in its raw state. The final project has been refined and processed into a double-page fashion spread meant to 'showcase' the jacket. Below is my washing machine with my recent tags for the Funkie Junkie Challenge and another card. Progress is slow, but I think I'm getting there - I'm keeping calm, anyway.

Thank you so much to my followers, old and new and my 'desker' friends. It's so lovely to have you drop by and although I have to scoot off now - no I haven't bought all my Christmas gifts yet! I will try to get round to visiting as many of you as I can.


  1. Love the SS photo as I'm from back in that day too - LOL. Super tags too. BJ#37

  2. Fantabulous tags! Love the look you have given them (Victorian?).
    Great picture of Susie, yes, she does look the part. Good luck to your daughter with the project - am sure she will do well.
    Hugs, and thanks for visiting me earlier. Neet xx 14

  3. Ha ha, that's a great first desk shot. I bet no one else has one similar.


  4. Love those tags too.Love that layered look too!
    Judy #11

  5. Coo! She looks the real deal!! Love how those tags are coming on! Chrisx 63

  6. Great shot of Siouxsie...blimey, the music of my youth is now considered 'historical'. That's a body blow....... :-)
    Lovely tags btw...hope you have a good week!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  7. Most unusual yet very crafty desk...washing machine.I love those stockings.
    Your tags look great.Be well Carole # 66

  8. Hmm - not good for the self image to realise my youth is now regarded as historical!! However, I'm still only 21 in my mind, so....
    Great desk shot this week.
    Margaret #65

  9. What a fun post! It is sooo funny when our daughters do "historical research" into our own era! Love that. Since I was a teen in the late seventies, I guess I'll always love the seventies! Pretty cards too. Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #10

  10. Great tags you have got there!

  11. Yup she's a dead ringer for SS!

    GORGEOUS tags too.

    Thanks for your visit - have a great week. MMx

  12. Interesting to hold a fashion shoot in a kitchen - can't equate SS with a kitchen, am I missing something?
    loooove those tags - hope you win with them.
    Bishopsmate #73

  13. OMG Julie Ann, she looks exactly like SS!!! Amazing! Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier. Love the tags, I want that little bag of buttons on display :) Cx #35

  14. You've hit on the key to a successful holiday celebration, Julie Ann: keeping calm! Thank you for an enjoyable desk post today! I've not heard of SS either and am thinking it might have been a British star? But we have had similar artists here and to my novice eye, she looks MOST convincing! Your tags and card look really lovely! Happy WOYWW! Thanks for the visit to me! Have a great week!! Hugs, Darnell #22

  15. Love the photo. She looks amazing.
    A x # 41

  16. What a fun photo of SS. I remember those days. Your tags are beautiful. #12

  17. Your tags are utterly gorgeous. And, yes, I understand that sometimes the washing machine is the only flat surface left available. Especially when you have a girl on your desk. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #29

  18. The likeness is astonishing but it is frightening at 45 years of age to see my life flash past me as yes, I remember her and her band so much. I was never a punk but they wrote some amazing music that has stood the test of time.
    Gorgeous art on display on your washing machine. Sorry to chuckle but here before me is this stunning creation as a work in progress on top of a washing machine when anyone would imagine it has been created in a beautiful studio! You do such amazing art, you really do.

  19. What an interesting post! Do I see a quite wonderful tag there too?

  20. Gosh that was a blast from the past and just to think some people actually dressed like that all the time LOL Makings of a great layout in production. Really great post today it made me giggle.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 71

  21. Tags - gorgeous, SS photo - scary, but I think that's only because it makes me realise how old I
    Thanks for visting, hope you have a great week and happy WOYWW
    DeDe #5

  22. Great photo - yes, very much like SS - love the craft going on too! Have a great week. Helen 24

  23. I looked at the photos before reading & wondered why you had a photo of Siouxsie Sioux on your blog, the likeness is amazing. Love your gorgeous tags.

  24. Arrgghhh! I'll be 47 in January and I was a fan of SS growing up! How can I possible be vintage, lol! Great pic, good luck to your daughter. Love your tags and card, they're beautiful. Yes, stay calm, fretting isn't going to make it happen any quicker, so just pour yourself another gin and smile!!!

    Brenda 4

  25. I love visiting you! And watching the progress of your kitchen!!
    I love that picture!!
    Your work on your washing machine is fabulous!!
    Sorry I'm late :( Holidays, ugh.

  26. Lol I can't help but have a laugh at the ketchup bottle in the background, but I'm pretty sure ketchup was around then lol. Love the tags and hanging, it truly amazes me how you can create such gorgeous beautiful art on top of the washing machine. I didn't play this week as I knew I wouldn't be able to visit anyone. Lots of hugs Kezzy :-) xxxxx

  27. I meant to say Matilda did a terrific job of her assignment :-) xxxxx


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