Friday 15 May 2015

A Friday Profile - Kim Dellow's Art it Friday

Hello and welcome to Magpieheaven! Once again it's Friday and now that means it's Art it Friday. If you don't know what that is yet, please do hop across to Kim's blog - you will not be disappointed! I've been having so much fun since I discovered Kim's challenge to link up faces we've created and to share the inspiration of the other portrait enthusiasts too! So far I've been playing with creating full face portraits to copy and then use on collage or peg dolls. Today, though, I wanted to have a go at creating a profile and incorporating this into a journal page. I began with the vintage book I've been sketching on lately.

After tearing out a page I gave it a wash of Snowflake paint by PaperArtsy and then worked over this with Inktense pencils to create shading on the face and a little 'found poetry' on my book text. I outlined the profile with a brush type black marker by Pitt Pens and a added some doodled curls with a fine, black Pilot pen.

I wanted to surround my profile portrait with butterflies, but not ones that looked too naturalistic. I stamped Darcy Wilkinson's lovely heart flower onto my book text with Black Archival ink and then cut out the heart-shaped petals, shading them with a blue inktense pencil. These were to embellish the portrait only and not to form part of the face, as Kim's rule is that we use our own art work only and no stencils or stamps on our faces.

For my background, I blended different PaperArtsy blues: Antarctic, Lake Wanaka, Smurf, China and Inky Pool. I stencilled with Sage, adding some 'Stencil Girl' birds and branches, brayered with Buff and Snowflake. I then dipped a lid into different puddles of colour to create bubble-like circles. The leaves are from a Darcy Wilkinson PaperArtsy Eclectica set and I stamped them in Guacamole, in places over my book text profile so that she was blended into the journal page.

I was happy with the way the profile occupied the space on the page and how the blend of Fresco Arcylics and Inktense pencils worked. I was pleased with the flower petal butterflies too, as I felt they added interest without being too distracting.

Here is one final close-up so that the found poetry is a bit more visible. This is my first attempt at this technique and I should definitely like to try it some more, This is really more of a Haiku than a conventional poem:
Imitation jewels of glass or paste,
Sapphire, sky-blue,
True-lover's embroidery
Another mystery lady in my portrait gallery: who is she waiting for in her enchanted garden surrounded by birds and butterflies?
Thank You so much for dropping by today. I do hope, if you're not doing so already, you'll play around with creating some portraits of your own in the coming week. I've really enjoyed using the pages of my journal to do this. Have a wonderful, creative weekend everyone! 


  1. She is waiting for the one to help make her dreams come true!
    She really is beautiful Julie Ann! This was so inspiring, I will go over and check on Kim's challenge!
    Happy weekend dear friend! xoxo

  2. Beautiful! Love all those dreamy blues. Lx

  3. How brilliant is your portrait Julie Ann, i do enjoy your faces, they are so full of character. I think she is a Fairy waiting to share her magic with anyone who finds her. I like your hair doodles to add the wisps,adds so much depth.

    I like your found poetry very much. don't forget to also add this to the Paper Artsy Words challenge it is perfect for them too :-) xxx

  4. fantastic painting/page and the found poetry is wonderful too!

  5. So very gorgeous, love everything about it!

  6. Sorry Julie Ann I meant to leave a comment before about your faces and how wonderful they are. They have a fey quality to them and are very expressive,beautifully drawn :)
    Have a lovely weekend
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  7. This is truly beautiful Julie Ann!!

  8. Beautiful, all your elements work so well Julie Ann, I love the way you have picked out the words for the Haiku from the substrate as if they are tumbling out of her head, wonderful poem. I love the way you have connected her to the page as a whole, the flow is beautiful.

    Please feel free to use stencils or stamping with your faces, my only rule is that the face is your own artwork and doesn't use a commercially bought face building stencil or stamps as that is someone else's artwork. Making your own face-building stencils or stamps or using non-face making stencils or stamps to decorate the face is fine. Hope that makes sense? But really I don't want to be too strict as I don't want to stifle anyone's creative flow :)

    I'm enjoying seeing your artwork as much as you are enjoying joining in each week at Art It Friday - Show Your Face :). It is a real joy to see and I'm so glad you are loving it! Thanks for the shout out :) Have a fun week. Kx

  9. Your face is really beautiful Julie! Have a great weekend, Valerie

  10. A beautiful profile, Julie Ann - and wonderful butterflies in flight around her. I love how you've created the warm area behind her - and needless to say I am blown away by your found haiku. I need to up the quality of the books I'm working in - the pages I'm still using up from my candle niche at PaperArtsy are from some hopelessly awful fiction - you'd be hard-pushed to come up with anything remotely interesting, let alone poetic, from the words on the page.

    Beautiful inspiring creativity as always.
    Alison xx

  11. Great face Julie Ann, you've done a fab job of creating her in profile and love they way you created the butterflies out of Darcy's flower stamp :)

  12. Oh Wow Julie Anne your girl is beautiful. I love how the poem has made its self known and together they make a beautiful piece of art that is full interest. Love it xx

  13. I love reading your step-by-step on how you created this page. Wonderful portrait and composition.

  14. Your portrait and journal page are lovely. Great description of your process. I've tried the found poetry and they can be a challenge - great job!

  15. This is so beautiful Julie Ann! I love your found poetry, and those pretty heart butterflies.
    Alison xxx

  16. I love her Julie Ann... I think she's waiting on her gypsy man to arrive and whisk her away xxxx

  17. you've made another fascinating face Julie! just lovely. xo

  18. Very beautiful profile, Julie Ann. So clever use of the words to create the poem.

    Love and hugs

  19. Love the character in this wonderful face and the beautiful background! Good job...very pretty work!

    Hugs Giggles

  20. I love the idea of drawing the face on book paper for your art journal entry!

  21. This is really beautiful Julie Ann, on it's own the face is gorgeous, but your background and embellishments make it even more so without detracting from it. Love it! xx

  22. Wow! How come I missed this - having no internet connection sometimes is a 'so and so' This is the most amazing page! Your face is as ever so beautiful! That background, the butterflies and your found haiku are fabulous! Hugs, Chrisx


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