Friday 8 May 2015

Book Text Faces for Art it Friday

 Welcome to Magpieheaven! Recently - thanks to my crafting friend, Mo - I discovered Kim Dellow's 'Art it Friday'. Kim invites anyone with a passion for drawing faces to link up their work here every Friday. Kim's approach is innovative and fun and she has already created some really inspiring faces using different techniques. I was determined to link up again, as I had so much fun last time, both creating my own faces and taking a look at Kim's and those of the other artists who played along. Mo asked me if I would be able to show how I colour my faces step by step. I've tried to do this and to experiment with an idea I had for creating a collage sheet resource of my own. I began by painting a sheet of vintage book text with a wash of Nougat Fresco Finish paint by PaperArtsy.

Next step was to sketch a face in a soft drawing pencil.

Sometimes I copy my faces from magazines or books, but I like to use my imagination and just see what it comes up with. I wanted a face that was reminiscent of a vintage doll. Mo had reminded me of the bisque dolls' faces of years gone by in her comment last week.

Even in the early stages, the colour brings the face more to life. I like to use Inktense pencils, a water-colour pencil which has an intense colour when a little moisture is added. On this face, i used a very dark red for the lips; orange on the cheek bones and fine lines of yellow, olive green and brown around the edge of the face.

I keep adding touches of colour, especially around the edge, layering colours until I was satisfied.

When I'm satisfied with the colours, I wet a brush and blend them over the face until it starts to have depth.

I wanted to keep this face as translucent as possible because I wanted the text to show through and to create the idea of a face emerging from the book page. I should like to experiment with this more to create different characters so this is probably an idea I will return to.

Finally, to tone everything down, I gently blended some Pan Pastel Titanium White into the forehead and over the cheeks and chin. I fixed this by taking some PaperArtsy Satin Glaze and dabbing it gently over the finished face with Cut 'n Dry sponge. I added a little definition with a black Pilot pen.

By scanning the face into my computer on its book text background and then copying a smaller copy of my scan repeatedly into a word document, I was able to create this collage sheet.

I can either print it out and use it as a background for a journal page or use the faces individually for projects like peg-dolls, cards or collages. I see the faces I create as characters in search of a story, or actors ready to take on a variety of roles. I can't wait to see how she will change her personality with different costumes, hairstyles and settings as I place her on different projects. 

With the advent of spring, the sun has been showing his or her face a great deal more, so I played a little with the same idea, but a sun face this time!

Here are a couple of peg dolls in the early stages. I've placed faces and hands on to experiment with ideas before painting and decorating the whole peg.

Here's the Sun looking just a little quizzical! Next week I'll try to show the pegs progressed once the faces were fixed on!

Thank You so much for dropping by this Friday: I do hope you will have a really creative weekend.


  1. Gorgeous face and great what you all did with it and the sun is super too!

  2. Wow I wish I could draw - these are both full of character. Also love reading your blog, you have such a wonderful way with words. Xx

  3. THANK YOU Julie Ann, i am going to bookmark your tutorial and also Pin it to my Drawing Board. I LOVE how you used Inktense Pencils, they are one of my favourites to use and now i will definitely have a play. your tutorial is very much appreciated!

    Fantastic way to play with your own drawing and digitally create a collage. I do hope you will try to enter our new challenge Old, New and Digital Too with one of your creations. Link is open until end of May

    Loving your Peg Dolls, both are coming along nicely and as always i am a huge Fan of your creations :-) xxx

  4. love the faces!! glad you've had a great play time.

  5. Seriously LOVE, thanks for the steps that is really useful. I was going to say don't forget to link up to Mo's new blog Old, New and Digital Too but I see she has beaten me to it!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Show Your Face and for the lovely shout out too!

  6. Love your latest faces Julie Ann!
    Hope you have a fun and creative weekend too.
    Alison xxx

  7. These are really wonderful!! Well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Hi Julie Ann - Love the tutorial and the collage sheet was fab <3

  9. Love the collage sheets - great idea!!

  10. Beautiful faces JulieAnn!! And I really love your idea of scanning and copying-brilliant my friend!!
    Happy Mum's Day to you tomorrow!! xoxo

  11. these are great and i love how you have used the book pages x

  12. They are so cute, your faces are always so interesting.

  13. Brilliant! Great idea to produce multiple copies on your computer too. Very Andy Warhol ;oD Lx

  14. Ohhh book pages... faces ... colour .... love, love what you created { can you tell? ]
    Tracy xoxox

  15. Fantastic, I'm stunned!

    Love and hugs

  16. Your faces are beautiful - both the woman and the sunshine - and I love how they look over the book text. Wonderful collage sheets and two more amazing peg dolls on the way - what an inspiring post.
    Alison xx


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