Friday, 1 May 2015

Some More Friday Faces!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven. Over at Kim Dellow's Art It Friday she's asking us to show our face again! This is such a great idea to share the portraits we have been creating and last week I really wanted to link up, as creating faces is becoming something of a passion for me and I had really enjoyed being a part of the fun the previous week. Then time just flew by, life was hectic and a bit stressful and I hadn't the time to draw and blog. Today I was determined to show what I've been up to. I've several friends with birthdays in May and I wanted to make them peg dolls with an individual look in the form of hand-drawn faces! I started with a couple of sketches:

I didn't want to give either of them much in the way of hair, as I wanted to see how I might change the character of my portraits once they were reduced, on my dolls and given a new hair-do! The lady on the right was a copy of a model from the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V and A. In the photo from which she was copied, she has her hair tied back and butterflies all around her hairline like a butterfly coiffure! The sketch on the left is a fantasy creation: she might be a medieval or Renaissance lady, almost nun-like with the black and white surround. I used pencil, Pan Pastels and water-colour to create these and fixed them with some PaperArtsy Satin Glaze before scanning them into the computer and re-sizing them for my dolls.

I think adding a red bobbed hair-cut really changed her quite a bit, transforming her from a pious mystic into a rosy-cheeked little girl.

 You might remember this face from the week before last - my tree sprite? Here she is a little different just from the re-positioning of the hands.

I've been playing with my peg dolls before sending them out! Photographing them having little conversations with each other!

Here is what my second sketch looks like with hair and a clown's hat!

I'm now wondering if I could have a go at creating some caricature likenesses of friends to place on peg dolls for gifts - quite a challenge! Thank You so much for stopping by and taking a look at my peg doll portraits this Friday! I might have another portrait to share a little later this evening too! It would be great if you could join up with Kim and show your faces on a Friday! Have a lovely creative weekend.


  1. loving your peg dolls, great idea

  2. Seriously fabulous! I am so glad you linked them up, what a great idea and lovely presents to make and give. Good luck if you do try the caricatures, perhaps you can share those as well? Have a lovely week Julie Ann and thanks for linking and sharing and shouting about our growing face art community! Kx

  3. You are so very talented Julie Ann, your faves remind me of the perfect bisque dolls when i was a young child.

    Please could you do a post sharing how you colour your faces? I struggle with colouring skin and hair and would appreciate your guidance.

    Sarah Dunkley aka Sezzie D did a few caricature images she put onto bags which were very sought after. Imagine your peg dolls will be just as popular.

    So glad you joining in and sharing!

    Hope you get to enjoy the BH weekend and thank you so much for leaving such encouraging comments, really appreciate your feedback:-) xxx

  4. These are fabulous! Such a great way to use your faces! Chrisx

  5. here from Kim's challenge. What a creative idea, and your faces are super!!

  6. Such lovely faces, Julie Ann - they have such a gentle beauty.
    Alison xx


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