Saturday 27 September 2014

Thank You!

A very photo-heavy blog today and a huge 'Thank you' for the birthday 'Happy Mail' and wishes on Facebook from my crafty friends! I feel like a curator of a very special art gallery with this blog post because the goodies that the Postie brought me today are such masterpieces I really wanted to share them with my followers and friends. I feel privileged to know such talented and generous people.
Even the envelopes were little works of art! These are from Denise Phillips and Hazel Agnew. 
Lesley Ebdon decorated not only the gorgeous envelope but also the back of the card!
There was so much to see on Lesley's card. I loved the little wren in the frame...
and all those lovely butterflies!
Denise sent me lapel badges and a fabulous portrait of her dog - the wonderful Oliver Howard of whom I have long been a fan!
She sent me some beautiful altered art bits too.
Look at this incredible card from Lucy Edmondson!  Those blooms are made from clay! I love the background on this one too - a really superb use of stencils! If I'm not mistaken, I think you can find out from Lucy's blog True Colours how she made this really original card.
I wish you could see Helen Lindfield's  card irl because the textures and colours are so subtle and gorgeous!
Kirsten Alicia's had such a lovely autumn feel and it was another of the wonderful, painty textured variety!
Linda Jones' looked distinctly Fairy Goth Mother to me! I loved her use of feathers, layers and tiny charms.
I loved the colours on Sam's and the use of Stampbord  mounted on that lovely black background - wonderful stamping!
A wonderful flowery creation from Hazel. I love her use of book text, the crocheted lace and the depth in that background.
Finally a beautiful, nostalgic card from Lin Shields: just the kind of design I really love! I had to put on my Sherlock Holmes hat for this one because Lin must have been so exhausted when she finished all the work on this lovely card, she forgot to sign her name! I worked out that it was her by the post-code on the back of the envelope! Ha ha!
Well, many, many thanks all of you for such lovely cards and thoughts. I don't think I've ever had such an exciting birthday! I'm off to get ready in a minute for a meal out with my family in our favourite restaurant. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Fab cards for a fab lady. Enjoy your meal.xx

  2. WOW didn't you do well Julie Ann, hope you're having a great birthday xxx

  3. What lovely cards they are! glad they all arrived safely (I was a bit worried about the flower!) Have a wonderful meal. Happy Birthday. xx

  4. Oh wow what gorgeous cards! Hope the meal is as good as this little lot!

    Lucy x

  5. OMG bad Cuz, bad Cuz I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday, I loooooooove all the cards and very well deserved, my sweet friend, hope you had a wonderful day and a yummy dinner, thanks for sharing them, (((( HUGE BIRTHDAY HUGS )))).. Love ya...

  6. OMy!! I missed your birthday my friend!! Many happy belated wishes to you young lady!!! xoxoxo

  7. So glad mine reached you in time. What a stunning array of gorgeous cards & you deserve every one of them. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  8. Oh thank you so much. I was so worried as I don't like making cards very much, & when I make them for orders they are always very traditional. Also, the talent from the other #PATWITS intimidates me!;-) lol. Hope you had a fab day. Linda xxx

  9. Gorgeous cards from your dear friends...Love them all....Hugs May x x

  10. Oh wow you received some truly awesome birthday cards, they are all gorgeous. I can't believe I missed your birthday :-(. It's been a difficult few months for me and I am now just managing to get myself out of this mental depression. I am so sorry I missed your wonderful day. Kezzy :-) xxx


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