Monday, 16 January 2017

Encourage Your Hopes!

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven! How often do we hear the phrase 'Fairy-tale Romance', or the comment 'She led a fairy-tale existence'. Fairy-tales have come to be associated with impossibly perfect lives in which problems are magically solved almost before they arise. We talk about a 'charmed existence' and 'happily every after'.

 That's not how I see fairy-tales at all. I've always found that authentic fairy-tales are about tough quests and struggles, symbolic of our human pursuit for happiness and meaning. Voices from long ago whisper to us about our relationship to the natural world and animals; the importance of courage and acts of kindness; loss of innocence and treachery; jealousy and cruelty where we least expect it and the hope of redemption and reconciliation. My project over at Calico Craft Parts today is inspired by fairy-tales: it is about the start of a personal quest as well as a homage to folklore and it's a reminder to me not to lose hope. Please check out how I made my arched ATB at the Calico Craft Parts Blog here.

In 2017 I am starting a quest. I have had brief attempts at this in the past, but now - rather late, I know - I want to explore my family history properly and not to be too easily discouraged. I'm apprehensive about what I will find along the way and I know that what unfolds will be no fairy-tale in the idealised sense! I suppose, like many fairy-tale characters, I am searching for buried treasure. If I could be granted one wish it would be to discover images of my father or members of his family. I don't know if I will encounter a good fairy or fairies along the path who make this magic happen, or if I will discover that I don't actually need this but some completely different treasure. Whatever happens I want to hold onto hope - my special word for 2017. Do you have a quest? Whatever your plans or dreams I hope they yield fruit for you and that all your creative endeavours bring you joy!


  1. Your ATB looks amazing - will go and check it out fully now. Good luck with your family history search; hope you find some frogs along the way!

  2. Oh, Julie Ann....I feel your summoning of internal forces to guide you along this mysterious and unknown path. You are a person of great courage and exquisite perception. Whatever treasures or frights are revealed to you on your Perilous Quest, I know that you will transmute them into Gold. Thank you for inviting us into your Realm. It's a sacred place.

  3. Always lovely to visit with you dear Julie Ann ♥
    Your magical creativity always takes me away.
    May your quest to explore your past be an interesting and fruitful one!
    And without HOPE life would be so linear.

  4. you project is gorgeous. your word "hope" is perfect. I wish you strength and joy and success on your expiration of family history. xo

  5. I hope you will search and found your quest 2017. I always ask to my fairy the what is next quest, but capricious fairies will answer what you think? or you have to search for it yourself. And the journey will continue. xx

  6. As always Julie Ann, your piece is just delightful ! I love that you use your own drawings in your designs!
    Have to agree with you about the fairy tale life, always so full of struggles and quests- why poor Snow White was drugged, Rapunzel locked away in a tower, Red Riding hood, followed by wolves,teehhee and the list goes on! Heck, i had to clean as much as Cinderella, does that mean I lived a charmed life LOL
    Anyway, great post and good luck on the genealogy search!

  7. Your work is intriguing. I find myself enlarging the photos and ogling your work at length. I spotted your art in Mixed Up magazine. I am a native Oklahoman living in Oklahoma County just outside of Oklahoma City. If you decide to visit the Midwestern United States I would love to visit with you.

  8. Oh Dear! I am quite way behind here! This ATB is stunning! I hope that you searches into you family tree are fruitful! It is difficult sometimes to look at the past!
    Hugs, Chrisx


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