Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fragrant Blossoms and Morning Dew

Hello and Welcome to Magpieheaven. I'd like to say Thank You to all my followers today, to those who have been dropping by for some time and those who have recently joined my blog. It is lovely to have your support. I've been having so much fun lately creating these jumbo pegs. I had been buying them online and then, to my delight, yesterday I went into my local branch of Tiger and saw that they were stocking them again for just £1.00 each! This blog post is not linking up to anything, it's just about the fun I've had making these pegs really!

This little bird you might be familiar with! I created her with Lin Brown's Wicked Chickens. I've added a sentiment from Red Lead and some pearl accents to the wing and the crown. There's something of a Metamophosis theme going on here, as when we turn over the peg...

There's one of my Bird Ladies that I've been having such fun making! The possibilities are endless with these birds! This time I contrasted Lin Brown's Limited Edition Caribbean Sea wings with Banana card and varied the length of the wing! I made my monocle lady a pierrot hat too by cutting some stencilled card into a triangle. Some Sara Nauman script in Cobalt blue Wendy Vecchi Archival completes the peg. I've often thought this lady looks as if she is wearing a monocle so I accentuated this further with an Inktense pencils lens and a pearl pen chain! This peg was a gift to my friend Lucy.

For this peg-doll I returned to my Lynne Perrella Asian stamps. I bought these when they first appeared, but I never feel that I use them enough I used my own art work for the face and hands.

 Wendy Vecchi gold embossing paste pressed through a Prima stencil provided an embroidered bodice, and Origami paper makes a nice sash. I drew the hands, scanned them into my computer and then printed them out on presentation paper. I have created a sheet of ready-printed hands and one of faces, ready to use for projects.

She holds a wooden frame with Prima gold crackle, containing a shrink plastic Lynne Perrella image from one of her PaperArtsy Asian plates.

On the reverse side, I used a detail from one of the Asian plates to create the impression of a fold of material. The paint colours are Lin Brown's lovely Caribbean Sea and Blue Oyster Fresco Finish Paint with a fragment of Mulberry Paper attached with some Satin Glaze to give the texture of muslin. The Fresco paints really do give a lovely coverage on the wood.

I used some Origami paper in bright colours for her sash and a Pitt black pen for detail in the thread. This Red Lead label stamp seemed just the sentiment for my little peg doll who seemed to be carrying a message of coming spring.

And here are my peg girls together with a sister created with Sara Nauman stamps who appeared recently on the PA blog.

And the reverse sides...

Thank you so much for stopping by Magpieheaven today. I hope you have enjoyed meeting my little peg family. You can attach magnets to these pegs and use them for memos on your fridge, or stand them on a desk with a postcard clipped inside or a 'To Do' list.


  1. These are joyful Julie Ann! They make me feel happy! Your face drawing is fabulous! Xx

  2. Oh Julie these really are fabulous! I have a couple of large pegs ready for creating characters with. Yours are such an inspiration that I can't wait to get started on mine now!

  3. Your peg people are absolute charmers, Julie Ann!


  4. I LOVE your peg people. They are just gorgeous. I have a couple of pegs that really need altering! I will buy some new stamps at Stevenage and use them to jazz up the plain pegs! I too adore Tiger - but I think my nearest one is Tottenham Court Road!

  5. Julie Ann, I say that Lucy is the luckiest of ladies to be on the receiving end of one of your beautiful pegs.
    Your own artwork incorporated with the Lynne Perrella stamps is an exquisite idea and how wonderful to see those lovely Redlead labels.

  6. Your pegs are wonderful Julie Ann! I love the oriental one especially.
    Alison xxx

  7. Gorgeousness on a peg Julie Ann, love your own hand drawn bits and bobs which can be added to your projects such a great idea.

    Your peg Family is growing, so great to see:-) xxx

  8. Wonderful Julie Ann, loving the wicked chicken peg!

  9. your pegs are gorgeous, so bright and colorful and fun! i must find some pegs and try this!!! fabulous work Julie! xo

  10. Lovely pegs Julie Ann! There are characteristic each other and very original. I love them. xxx

  11. Julie Ann your bird is just adorable, but I must say I love the Asian themed one- just gorgeous how you used the stencil and texture for her clothing!! Clever of you my dear!! xoxo

  12. These are so lovely Julie. You have very skillfully given each of these gorgeous ladies a real personality of their very own. I love the Asian one especially.

    Lesley Xx

  13. Julie Ann, they are wonderful.

  14. Wow, wow and wow again - your peg women are just wonderful. Love the colour combination tying them together. Bird woman is brilliant, and I love the ones with your own face applied, especially the one with all that text. Delicious!
    Alison xx


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