Saturday 14 February 2015

Heartfelt - A Valentine's Day Box.

Hello and welcome to Magpieheaven. Over at Unruly Paper Arts the Readers' Art Quest this month is on the theme of 'Heartfelt'. If you pop over to the blog here you will see the colour palette and some fantastic mid-month inspiration from the team.

I decided to create this little Valentine Day gift box from a circular box in a pack of two, costing just £1.00 from The Works! I painted the box with Concrete Fresco Finish on the outside and Little Black Dress on the inside. I then used masking tape to cover the top half of the box and painted with Tango Fresco Finish. When the tape was removed there was a nice straight line between the two colours, but I did not throw the tape away!

I created Washi tape from it, stenciling with Cherry Red Fresco, then stamping with a Lynne Perrella border stamp in Black Archival.

Little Black Dress provided a strong contrast on the inside. The lid of the box was really fun to create, using little MDF hearts painted with a blend of Frescos and then stamped with Lynne Perrella images.

I detached the circular centre and painted it with Cherry Red Fresco. The roses were a gift from my crafting friend, Lucy. I painted them and added touches of Treasure Gold. I was also really happy with the touch of TG around the rim of the box, as this gave it a vintage look. Some doodling of trailing branches in white and gold Signo pens and the addition of little punched out leaves added the finishing touch.

 Who is the beautiful Lynne Perrella lady on the lid of the box? Perhaps she is Primavera, a springtime goddess, there to remind us that everything we create should come from the heart, and that once we are absorbed in the creative process, love and imagination will flourish. The sunshine represents the warm glow that creating always gives and the tiny shell symbolises how important attention to detail is. Thank You so much for stopping by today. I do hope the warm colours on this box will remind you of spring days not so very far away. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with those you love. 


  1. Beautiful, Julie Ann! love the mdf hearts on the lid. The colours are gorgeous too.

  2. LoVe those hearts and you know that Lynne Perella always melts mine! No one would guess that this box had such humble beginnings! Truly lovely! Chrisx

  3. What a lovely box!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Cute box Julie Ann, liking the home made washi tape a lot:-) xxx

  5. I always think about England winter, It was very cold and windy days when I visited to London even November. Maybe,It remind happy spring time and sunshine more than me that during the cold of winter. This is a lovely red box for Valentine's Day Julie Ann. xxx

  6. Very romantic, and beautifully altered! xxx

  7. Julie Ann- this came out splendidly! I love the stamped hearts on the lid!
    Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment yesterday- you my friend are a jewel! xoxo

  8. I am all for the notion that she is Primavera. The colours are amazing and the transformation is remarkable. The gathering of hearts and roses is so adorable and yet at the same time, so artful.
    Aren't those boxes such great value. I wish I had bought more of them at the time from their on-line store.

  9. Love the red and orange (not something I thought I'd ever say!) - and so clever how you used the tape to mask and then to decorate... Brilliant altered art and, if she's Primavera, could she please get her Springtime to come along a little quicker?!!
    Alison xx


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